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  • Salam brother.

    I appreciate your posts and respect that you want Pakistan to have cordial/close relations with the GCC. This feeling is mutual. I do however believe that there is currently no need for the Pakistani army to interfere. You have enough to look after on your own and in fact we should offer you assistance as well.

    Take care.
    Mr first of all CJ never had double standard I was disappointed when he said he will not listen to his son case because in Islam even if you are a Qazi and your own son comes in front of you than you have to decide according to law and you can't back from the case and say that some else judge should listen to it Sir but as we follow mostly british law that is why he backed out of the case

    Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/current-events-social-issues/187428-chief-justice-iftikhar-chaudhry-must-go-3.html#ixzz1xy9xS41o
    Hello Dear,
    have started a new Babur Cruise Missile Database thread in Pakistan Strategic Forces section.


    this is inspired from ANTIBODY's idea of JF-17 Information Pool. A thread not meant for arguing or debate but just to collect all useful and relevant data regarding the system under one umbrella.
    Kindly do take time and check this out.

    Looking forward for some useful contribution from your side as well

    Best Regards!
    Arsalan Aslam
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