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    PAF speeds up fighter force modernisation with JF-17 Block III- Gulf News

    So we have 50 not 30 ordered? Nothing new nor anything can be taken for granted from these journalists until the words come from horse's mouth.
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    Not averse to demilitarisation of Siachen if Pak meets pre-condition: Army chief

    Siachin should be the first step in CBMs and a major breakthrough to resolve bilateral and international issues with India. It will help in committing to resolve Sir Creek issue and ideally, Kashmir too.
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    Pakistan set to participate in ITF's wheelchair team competitions

    Pakistan set to participate in ITF's wheelchair team competitions KARACHI: Pakistan is all set to participate in International Tennis Federation’s wheelchair team competitions in Turkey and Asian Paralympics Games in China later this year. “One of our goals is to take part in ITF’s wheelchair...
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    Tariq Saeed, the man reviving Urdu cricket commentary in Pakistan

    By Faras Ghani Published On 14 Jan 202214 Jan 2022 When Tariq Saeed was hit by a cricket ball just above his right eye, the life of then-college student underwent a remarkable change. Up until then, Saeed wanted to play cricket, do well at it and perhaps one day represent Pakistan, a dream of...
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    Pakistan's Economy - News and Updates

    FM Qureshi urges importance of debt restructuring as Pakistan assumes G77 chair UNITED NATIONS: As Pakistan assumed the chair of the Group of 77 on Friday, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi urged the international community to help developing countries recover from the impact of the...
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    Featured Pakistan’s first female general hails Saudi Arabia for women-centric reforms

    RAWALPINDI: Pakistan’s first female general, Nigar Johar, who in November was appointed colonel commandant of the Army Medical Corps, has hailed Saudi Arabia for introducing “commendable” reforms for the welfare of women. Lt. Gen. Johar joined the Army Medical College in 1981 and graduated...
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    Pakistan unveils permanent residency scheme for foreigners

    Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry announced on Friday that government has decided to allow permanent residency scheme for foreign nationals and linked it with their investment in the real estate sector. In line with the country’s first-ever National Security...
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    US plan B: The idea of a NATO without Turkiye or the preparation for foreign intervention?

    Can we simply compare presence of NATO in Turkey with the countries OP mentioned including Greece? And that includes stationing Nuclear bombs.
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    Iran tests Raafe space engine

    And establishment isn't infected with spies?
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    Export bids for JF-17 Thunder Multirole Lightweight Fighter Aircraft

    Nigerian 2022 Budget allocation. Approx 2 million dollars only. @Quwa @HRK https://www.budgetoffice.gov.ng/index.php/mdas-approved-2022-budget-details
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    India’s Nuclear Arsenal Takes A Big Step Forward

    Everyone knows about India's ambition but the media surprisingly or un-surprisingly is more discreet and quiet on it especially relative to Pakistan. India perhaps haslaid down all the preparatory work if it wants to rapidly expand it's nuclear capability and warheads. The logistics and...
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    Twin Engine JF-17 as per MODP Report

    Can't get any more official than this! lol jk

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