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    Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak to everyone!
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    The time for performance has arrived, PM Imran tells ministers

    If you have any example from mian saanp or zardari, please enlighten us where they might have acknowledge their mistakes during their tenure. After looted for last few decades, they still want to loot more and this is what those leaders are good at.
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    500 Sindh govt officials opt for plea bargain

    Just a matter of time when PTI wins majority in Senate and overturn the 18th amendment.
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    The time for performance has arrived, PM Imran tells ministers

    It requires a courage to acknowledge one's own short comings while in power.
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    Featured PM launches health insurance scheme for Azad Kashmir

    In a post related to health insurance in health card in Azad Kashmir, from orange line to m5 to m6 to now BRT. bhae wah! *4o PKR per passenger fare into maximum capacity of 245000 passengers per day. I can tell you about Toronto Transit that had been given subsidy by govt. and total revenue...
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    Heavily in debt

    Not sure how come people were thinking that PTI would come into power and would repay $98 billion debt from their own pockets when reserves were mere $11-12 billion and not enough funds left to run the country with huge account deficit and artificially afloat economy.
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    Featured PM launches health insurance scheme for Azad Kashmir

    I am not defending if anything has done any wrong there but you can show the math if this is that much profit generating project. 245000 is the daily passenger capacity, 40 rps one way cost. Anyone can do the rest of the maths and can find out how much profit this project would be generating...
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    Featured PM launches health insurance scheme for Azad Kashmir

    According to one of my friend who had been working in this project with Chinese, this project would cost us 60 million rupees loss if we don't run this project and and 25 million rupees loss if we run it on daily basis.
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    Importing 3d printer

    Do they check baggage on arrival to Pakistan?
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    Featured Dr. Moeed puts forward Pakistan's case in ME, FATF, CPEC et al.

    10/10! I wanna hear this man more often. It feels like first time in our history, we know our direction and how to carve out the pathway, penetrating through obstacles and hurdles on our way which our neighbor has been creating for last few decades. that would lead us to achieve our objectives...
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    My dear father passed away from COVID-19. Prayers requested.

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ
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    Featured After Erdoğan, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemns French President Macron over Islamophobia

    "Freedom of speech is considered an “essential freedom” in France. It is protected by the 1789 Declaration of Human and Civic Rights, which is incorporated by reference into the French Constitution. It is also protected by the European Convention on Human Rights, to which France is a...
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    Featured UAE cancels meeting with Israel and the United States over Netanyahu's statement against the F-35 deal

    As I said in other thread; "Gali ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghaat ka". They are in a situation where they can not even undo their decision of recognizing Israel whatsoeever, lol!
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    Watch: Journalist KAMRAN KHAN literally BEGGED PM Khan on Karachi

    Karachi is contributing 95% in provincial and 50% in federal despite this rotten system in Sindh that does not allow the city to reach its full potential! Just imagine if they manage to do something better for this city, I am pretty much sure it can do wonders for Pakistan in stabilizing the...

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