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    Iran: From exporting revolution to drugs

    And in any case Jordan is a artificial entity which should be ultimately part of Palestine.
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    China terminates contract of 425MW Nandipur project

    Stop Trolling, A$$hole - How is it China's fault when GOP is not interested in the project?I guess they didn't give enough kickbacks to GOP.
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    China terminates contract of 425MW Nandipur project

    This PPP Government has destroyed everything...
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    Pakistan Navy’s shelling of Dwarka in 1965 War

    LOL @ The insecurity of Indians.
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    Apple on lawsuit spree again-

    I fuckin hate Apple fanboys..
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    Comparison: Pakistani and Indians on social media about recent dialogues

    The ROI is too low on that - Besides the purpose is to liquidate Indians and not to be liquidated in the process.Let me know if you have better ideas.
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    Iranian Diplomats in Canada expelled

    Islam =! Arab ...Keep Islam out of your Arab-Israeli conflict.I know you love to portray Islam as barbaric religion and how am i arabized muslim if i insult arabs on this forum and call them cowards?!?!You are a typical islamophobic bigot.What Arabs thinks does not matter - Whether they consider...
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    Comparison: Pakistani and Indians on social media about recent dialogues

    I think this is due to huge Indian Population.This can be only resolved by liquidating 500+ Million Indians so we should start a new thread about this - How to liquidate 500+ Million Indians.Well 300+ Million will be liquidated naturally due to poverty but before dying will probably make more...
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    Iranian Diplomats in Canada expelled

    HAHAHA I am arabized Muslim :rofl::rofl: You do realize i've been banned once for abusing Arabs here..You should have read my previous posts before making an a$$ out of you.
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    How Open is the Pakistan Army

    @OP you need to get better understanding of these documentaries.PR Corps People are always present during such interviews and soldiers only toe the official line.You'd be delusional if you think any Army would allow soldiers to say whatever they want in front of media - Remember What happened to...
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    Would Jinnah have lived as a Shia?

    haha..is this how they brainwash you people?
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    Iranian Diplomats in Canada expelled

    He is anti Islamic P!g.Has nothing to do with Arab-vs-Israel..You can tell that by reading his posts...OTOH there are some good Israeli Members too (e.g 500)
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    Five countries the U.S. is screwing over

    There will be blowback for this...give it 10 years.
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    How to join Pakistan Army?

    You need to calm down - I don't think you'd be able to fly fighter jets or helicopters in SA considering that they don't even allow women to drive - Maybe Saudi members can guide you.. And you are wrong - Pakistani Women did participate in Olympics - particularly in swimming competition but you...
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    LoL: Watch the Video how "Educated" Pakistani Articulate themselves

    Yes - These are not poor people.You will get this type of audience if you go to most of the universities in Pakistan.Re Hassan let's agree to disagree.I like how you debate man.Very civilized.I usually end up ranting lol.

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