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  • Deleting my well thought out and logically presented fact-sheet is 1-sided, juvenile and bigoted. It robs readers of a genuine subscriber's, ... a full member's point-of-view. Are you jealous, or naive enough to not accept everything today is inter-connected, the world sees S. Asia in the Indo-Pak context only, so sorry.
    Pakistan is going through another bad patch. India is cathing up to Pak in development only now, Pak has had it good re: infra and development longer, better cities, food, gas and energy ... sorry, but not water.

    The issue is NOT China. The real issue is the momentum of India ... it's on the get-go ... but the mass of the momemtum ... the massive energy ... sweeps everbody along.

    If sane minds prevailed, China would reap make a ... hehe ... killing, windfall profits by investing in Indian infrastructure. They have the most recent, right size moulds, machines and devices along with experience. Many India projects are being executed by China project engg. and mgmt. pro.'s. China does everything 100 Pound Gorilla size. India is the only place where China can invest comfortably. And they have $ Trillions to play with. Not easy to plonk that type of money down, money too comes with rules attached.

    Again, if sane minds prevail, Indian Co.'s can do same in Pak, Iran etc.
    Really, there's not that much mega 'investment grade' ... read 'long-term profitable' projects going around these days.

    If only Pak could take care of politics, it's in everybody's interest to see Pak come along just fine. An unstable Pak is good news only for perverts, the corrupt elites of the region and assorted clowns, hate-mongers, terror-types and ... hehe 'Businessmen'.

    I'm from Canada. Born 'n raised. Indo-Pak is like Can-Am(Canada-America). Things are roughly 1:10. Population, GDP, Vehicles/1000 etc. Learn form us, see how we do it ... PAk can learn from Canada how to live and profit with a ... hehe ... 100 Pound Gorilla next door.
    Nobody said it's easy, ... and sure we've had our moments ... and continue to ... 1 could see it in Obama's visit to Canada. Contrast with Obama's visit's to China, India .. Indonesia.
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