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Jan 17, 2011
    2. Hammy007
      thats so cool, would be glad to help you out any time..

      in which parts have you travelled in pakistan, how was your experience?? did you visit karachi??

      btw i have only lived in karachi since my childhood and at one time visited Quetta, that means maybe you know more about pakistan than me lol haha.
      No problem brother.
      So next time u come to Pakistan be my guest..i live in quetta.
      Name is Ali Khan.
      Mujhay urdu bolni atti hau mager mein urdu mein ziada farsi ilfazoun ka istemal karta hoon jou adabi urdu k mutabiq hotay haien.
      Is keh ilawa meray liye yeh kuc(instead of thora) mukhtalef hai.
      Pakistanion say guftguh kar k practice(its an english word not urdu) rehti hai.Skukriyah.
      Bradar ur learing slang type of urdu not the real adabi or literary urdu language.
      Anyways ur urdu is pretty good.
      Thanks....i would be happy to be of some help.
      U have any problem plz ask me.
      Im fine.how r u bradar
    7. Nima
      Shoma chejoory bekhodit migi Irooni ba in eteghadatet??? Hala migim bishtare Iraniha adamaiyan ke as sob ta shab bayad joon bekanan vase ye loghme noon. Mosalmoon bedonya oomadano, mosalmoonam az in donya miran.
      To chi??? To ke dota ketab to zendegit khoondi chi? To ke midooni Islam hich rabty be Iran nadare chera be khodet migi Irooni???
      Alan beyne javoonaye in nasl ye etefaghi dare miyofte ke hich vaght to 1400 sale pish nayoftade bood. Ma bayad say konim Islam az Iran be koli bere, hata age manish foropashiye mamlekat bashe chon in mamlekat ye mamlekate arab paraste. Age ta gharne dige 20 darsade Iran az Islam bereham kheily khoobe.
      Ghalbe man vaseye koroush mitape vo bas. Ye Iranie vaghei nemitoone mosalmoon bashe.
      Harcheghadr Iran vazesh behtar she mardomesh bishtar az Islam door mishan. Ma mese Turka vo Pakistaniha nistim ke bi tarikh bashim, khoshbakhtane tarikho dinemoon enghad ghavie ke yavash yavash jaye Islamo migire.
    8. Hammy007
      w/s i am fine,

      what about you??
    9. Cyrus the Great
      Cyrus the Great
      salam, thanks a lot for your new post to teach Persian Language.
    10. PakistaniPacifist
      Salaam Brother sorry for replying late, inshallah your in good health.

      Yeah we are converts our great-grandfather was a Buddhist and our great-grandmother was a Sunni, my great-grandfather was told about a Shia Ayotullah by his brother who became intrigued by him, by the grace of god he was an Ayatollah who was close friends with Ayatollah Khomeini (r.a) father. So after reading shia material, posing questions and listening into his lectures, he converted and over time so did my great grandmother.

      Many Pakistani are very simple and naive most believe everything their told. It really bugs me when our people are really prejudiced against Iranians, even some of my own sunni side of the family are but my parents have a soft spot for Shia of different backgrounds whether they are African or Iranians, so I suppose that’s rubbed off on me and my siblings.

      Maybe I’m being ignorant to the ritual as I haven’t been to Moharram in Pakistan or India but apart from Mataam and Zanjeer-e-Zani we don’t really have any other rituals that I know off. Yes I was generalising the Indian shia community as being Khoja but that’s because in the U.K there’s a large community of them and from my experiences between the two communities they are quite different hence why we have separate mosques as Khoja’s are more subtle like Iraqi’s in their Nauha recitation and their mat’aam is also alot more subtle whereas a Pakistani’s are more similar to Hel’ali type of recitation and mataam.

      I agree with your view on it being essential and beneficial for Pakistan to have a major Shia Marja representative as it would help clear up any misconceptions that our Sunni brothers may have of us, reduce the tension and help cause better religious harmony between the different sect however if the Wahhabi know off a prominent Shia marja preaching in the country, they won’t stop at anything until his corpse is in the ground, most believe we’re munafiqs and agents of Iran.

      Generalizing is wrong especially when talking about those who practise Zanjeer-e-Zani being very lax about mandatory prayer. I personally do agree with you that there is a fair minority of people who do this, they spoil it for those who perform this ritual and are very practising muslims. In my mosque I’ve seen several men who won’t sit in the majlis when the Maulana(teacher) is speaking yet will come in for mataam and are willing to show and boast about doing Zanjeer-e-Zani but then their are those who do Zanjeer – e –Zani who are constantly sat in the mosque at the right next to the Maulana, read namaaz on time, attend jummah regularly, fund majlises and go regularly on Ziyaraat.

      We have a German convert who performs Zanjeer-e-Zani and so does his son, he used to go to extremes at times with his Zanjeer but his love for the Ahlul-Bayt was immense, he lived extremely simply and dedicated his whole life since converting to help bring Shia and converts closer to their faith by holding majlises in English, Arabic, Farsi(Dari) and Urdu. As a person whose not really keen on Zanjeer-e-Zani I still feel we all have our own way off expressing our emotion some sulk internally, others cry profusely, some slap their heads, hands and knees. As muslims we should respect people’s choice of how they express their emotions and love for the Ahlul-Bayt.

      Sorry I forgot too address the issue in my first message, personally I love seeing how Shia from different countries perform mataam, As for your feeling about Pakistanis mataam can be a sign of boasting/showy, I disagree, I can see where your coming from as it’s a lot different then the style of mattam of shia of other ethnic backgrounds as it has a ‘hard chest thumping’ style to the ritual whereas non-Pakistani are subtle in their approach to mataam. As Pakistanis most of our people being emotional like to express themselves in that way, my grandfather would always encourage us as young kids to join the men and express our love for Imam Hussain(a.s) in a way that you should try to feel the pain that the Martyrs went through during these days of mourning. If we use generalisation then surely we can use that logic and say the same for Iraqi’s who seem to be ‘dancing like sufi’ in a circle while the Hazara’s seem to be ‘lazy’ by kneeling on the floor while performing mataam rituals.

      Feel free to ask anymore questions…I apologise for not replying sooner as I’ve been trying my best to avoid distraction like the internet due to exams.
    11. Creder
      koi baat nahi yaar, i like your avatar
    12. Patriot
      Hey how come you can speak Urdu Pakistani Language
    13. Creder
      dont worry bro, ive lived with iranians all my life..i know that some guys like Nima think they are too good for the ummah but i also know that most iranians are like us

      I have asked the mod to ban him, he was banned before and he will get banned again. Also dont read my replies to his posts about Iran, i usually say that stuff to shut him up

      Iran is Pakistan's closest link, it always has been and it always will be..you should be able to see that by the amount of support members here have for iran
    14. PakistaniPacifist
      Salaam brother, inshallah your in good health. Sorry for not replying, Inshallah i'll give my reply in the weekend as i have been revising for my dental exams.
    15. Desert Fox
      Desert Fox
      cool, ok! Do let me know about your visit and how its like!
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