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Jan 17, 2011
    1. Ahmad
    2. Irani
      سلام ، راستش الان متمرکز شدم روی پایان نامه فوقم امیدوارم تا یک یا نهایت دو ماه آینده دفاع کنم بعد دوباره میرم سراغ ادامه تحصیل شاید گزینه های دیگه ای مثل هلند و کشور های اسکاندیناوی رو هم بررسی کنم ولی خودم از فرانسه بیشتر خوشم میاد. کشور جالبیه
    3. Ahmad
      salam pasban brother, roz wa shab ba khobe megzarad, bad nest. hale shoma chetor ast?
    4. Irani
      سلام، ممنون خوبم شما چطور خوش و سر حالی؟
    5. ای ایران
      ای ایران
      Im here only by accident. Found this place on Google after searching for articles on Jondallah - and yeah i agree with you that browsing through this place is very revealing and only makes me feel prouder of Iran, its peoples and all its cultures too. Thank God we are nothing like these people here.

    6. ای ایران
      ای ایران
      Sorry, i have not visited here for a few weeks. Whats up?
    7. Irani
      خوب من یک 4 ماهی میشه این سایت رو می خونم به نظرم یک هوا از آدم معمولی با سواد ترین. به هر حال شخصیت هم نسبی است باید دید ملاک قیاس چیه!
      ممنون از راهنمایی تون کم و بیش تجربه دوستان و اساتید فرانسوی ای که داشتم موید حرفاتونه. انگلیسی پینگلیسی حتی استاداشم بعضا بلد نیستند که بسیار اوایل برام عجیب بود!
      ولی خوب هرچند یکم یادم رفته ولی فرانسم بدک نیست یک سال پیش شاید به مراتب از اینگلیسیم بهتر بود
      چه بسا شما زودتر از ما دکتر شدی ؟ آدم از فردای خودش خبر نداره
      خوشحال میشم یکی دو تا از مقاله هاتو بخونم باید جالب باشه.
      مراقب خودتون باشید. منتظرم بیشتر ازتون بشنوم.
    8. Irani
    9. Irani
    10. Irani
    11. Irani
    12. Irani
    13. Hammy007
      to be more precise, ""daa daah" doesnt mean "a cool guy" it literally means "grand father", but to appreciate the guy it is informally used amoung the kids and friends, its not formal, so i wouldnt use when i grow up to like 25 to my friends, or to my elders at all, they will be offended..
    14. Hammy007
      your urdu is very good, i couldnt detect a single error, it was like listening to a pakistani, but just dont put full stop in between a single word, it confused me a lot..

      you made a lot of sentences where you prefered to put nouns after the verb, it will be better if you put the noun first then the verb

      for example

      ""main reh raha tha clifton main""(i was living in clifton)

      i would make it simple by saying:

      main clifton main reh raha tha(0 was living in clifton), and to be more precise

      main clifton main raha tha(i lived in clifton), both are correct, but in this sentence if you had used the past tense instead of the "past continuous tense", you understand what i mean???

      both patterns are correct, but the normal urdu speker would say as i said before..
    15. Hammy007

      man you just made my day

      zabardast doost(excellent my friend)

      yes karachi is an enormous city, i havent explored one third of the city :P

      but your comments are appreciated as always

      when did you go to karachi btw

      now a good portion of city has improved its drainage problem, but yes drainage problem in krachi esp in rainy season is a huge propblem.

      second, where did you hike in pakistan.

      karachi main barish bohut kam hoti hai mager jaab hoti hai to bohut zoor ki hoti hai and its kinda cool because it rainy heavily in monsoon season.

      and about hospitality, pakistani people are very emotional people, they feel emotion more than any people, to rule them, youll have to emotionally excite them, some times they use emotions more than their heads.

      keep in touch bro, would like to share more of your experience of being in pakistan esp the hiking thing some time, if you come to karachi another time, be my guest, you are whole heartedly welcome in our place

      i like iranians very much because we share a lot of things, like common vocab, and being neighbours, similar culture etc, but i despise some iranians who infront of us humble guys target us with racism, you know we hate racism in the first place because of our unusual history, i dont really like comments made by people like NIMA, sometimes i think he is not true iranian.

      one more thing, how different was pakistan as compared to iran, in both positive and negative sense, please tell me, i will not mind any of your comments.
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