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    Are Indians genetically inferior?

    This hatred based on a theory will have a very dark imprint on your psyche. Calm down and enjoy life, Indians will continue to live on as a population.
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    Why do Indian restaurants serve Muslim food?

    I don't think the lynchings are because of just meat, the issue becomes the consumption of beef. There are indian meals that use meat.
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    India vs Afghanistan ... T20 World Cup

    If India has fixed matches and BCCI is the puppet master, perhaps move on to a different sport. Dew causing issues when bowling second?
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    India vs Pakistan: T20 Worldcup Big Clash | Mother of all Matches in World Cricket

    What a one-sided match, congrats guys!
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    Nine Indian Soldiers Killed in Longest Counter Insurgency Encounter of IOK History

    Singh is a hindu varna surname adopted by the Sikhs. It has had a lot of variations including the common name for Sri Lankan buddhists sinhalas. Dont assume that alol singhs are sikhs, they are a minority.
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    Taliban have right to raise voice for muslims of kashmir and india . taliban spokes peson sohail shaheen

    The question of the person you are quoting is quite pertinent. To get to Kashmir, Taliban will have to either be given a safe haven by Pakistan or they will have to pave a way through, by engaging in an armed conflict. As far as quoting history is concerned, we know what happens when your...
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    Planet India (screenshots from my collection)

    I know what you are trying to say here but it's coming of as more emotive than objective. There is more than enough intelligentia within the country to bear the load of these idiots and continue pushing us forward. The tonality of the masses on the internet will improve, but observing this would...
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    Military Simulation - The Indo-Pak conflict - A hyperbole

    We all will be judged for things we said in this life.
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    India's Covid Crisis: Narendra Modi Seems to Have No Plan

    First of, that’s a really nice objective post. I think the UN is still a token org, more focused on providing guidance across the healthcare value chain - from research to delivery. They are massively underfunded and stigmatised to drive anything. Hope the pandemic’s aftermath does to the UN...
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    Indian Doctor Accuses Government of Lying About Country's Number of COVID Deaths

    You really want an answer to that question? The situation is horrid, the under reporting in my opinion is to prevent a mass panic situation and to avoid answering questions on bad governance. Our present govt. has always had issues in reporting performance metrics, whether economic or the ones...
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    Indian Special Forces

    What’s the underbarrel attachment?
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    Indian Scientists Beg Modi to Stop Hiding the COVID Data

    Congress is so dumb that they will not and miss this opportunity.
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    There was such a sense of camaraderie between Indian and Pak posters

    To all, empathy nuanced is no empathy at all.
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    Covid-19 in India - Second Wave - World Extends Help and Support - Updates and Discussion

    I quite enjoy his posts, I don’t think that’s the case. You don’t need to fight fire with fire.

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