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  • Hey buddy, long time no see how are you? glad to hear from you again as well, perhaps we both have a life outside this PDF is the reason we will be absent for a long time LOL, as your question regarding religious matter, personally i try to avoid it as always, it will only lead to trouble to discuss religion with friends, so sorry, no comment on that topic my friend, keep in touch, you take care pal
    Cool no worries. I happen to be an atheist and have been trying to figure out countries that treat godless people like me well, hence asked. Yeah life outside PDF has been super hectic. I am a consultant with one of the big 4, they are real slavers them consulting firms.
    my honor sir

    i am here for you brothers and friends or else whom have time for hours of forums these days bro .
    Yup.. long time indeed.. Been busy at work.
    Had a few visits to the shrink for some stress related stuff. So ended up skipping work for some time. The result is that I now have a pissed off boss who wants double the workload in half the time.
    Hows your life been.
    Nah, i didnt goto Dubai mate. Got admitted in a much better college in India itself...will call tomorrow...
    Ive stopped being an active participant in discussions..(apart from the occasional amusement I get igniting flame wars between noobs.). Unfortunately.. as far as India and Pakistan are concerned. I have yet to encounter a forum hosted by side which has a majority of meaningful, intellectual and more importantly as you said "calm" posts. Somehow.. Wherever there is India & Pakistan...there will be an abuse of grey matter.
    Seems yours and a few more sensible posters apparent absence has led to a lot of senseless Indian & Pakistani fanboys to populate the forum with nonsense, both eager to up the ante on idiotic posts.
    Hohoho....my bro is doin the same!....he is set to join a mnc in bangalore this year,but givin cat too!.....he is an ece engnr as well!
    I'm doing b-tech in electronics and comm. engineering.....what bout you mate?....what do you do?
    Hey man....i was busy with my cllg internals.....hope to be active now,as the shits are over!....lol....how are ya mate???
    I saw a movie on him once. In a way, he was let down by Khruschev who stopped supporting the Latin American revolution. That is how the CIA got him. Anyway, all history now.
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