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  • As ever, your words are full of wisdom, indeed, I can see now that the real reason for the minaret referendum was to protect swiss culture, which is absolutely justified. That is why I always prefer to take the word of the person on ground, since he is the most well aware of the situation.
    I last visited Europe in 2003-2004, and I really enjoyed myself. I found the people to be quite compatible with minorities, but recently, the wing of our family in the UK have encountered more people hostile to them than before.
    They were denied jobs even when there were vacancies and they were quite qualified, one of my cousins, a chemical engineer is unemployed for two years even after securing a commendable spot in his batch from Nottingham University, plus they have also had abuses hurled at them around streets. That is what lead me to believe that muslims are being seen with increasing lack of respect.
    And I don't blame anybody for it, we(Muslims) are to be blamed, until everyone of us does not denounce violence and extremism, I am afraid we will never be able to regain our lost respect in the eyes of the world.
    Prior to the soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Buddhists and Muslims were believed to be two of the most peace loving people on the planet, how times have changed, now we are regarded as the most violent................
    I also saw on TV the other day, according to the most recent survey, support for the Taliban has seen a sharp decline from 15% last year to only 4%, I was very happy to see this, my nation is finally coming about !!!!
    Salam Dear Friend, I hope this message finds you and your family in the best of health and spirit.
    I was wondering if you could enlighten me about the recent referendum that took place in Switzerland regarding the construction of minarets, and the atmosphere between muslim immigrants and other religious groups after that referendum.
    Also, could you tell me if the Swiss also see muslims with ever increasing lack of respect like in many other European countries ?
    The funniest thing is that i am no way connected to India. I am white Australian.
    Thanks for your nice comment.

    I find it hilarious that anyone who speaks truth and speaks sane and logical comments is branded an "Indian" It's often done around here. Maybe we should take it as a compliment? :P

    As for reporting these members, search for a user named "webmaster" and send him a pm, or on the offending posts there is a little button that has a "!" in it. It's located on every posts under how many times the person has been "thanked"
    Yes, the greece crisis is rather shocking, i'm here in dubai these days and we have had a similar debt crisis. Atleast dubai have abu dhabi to bail out. Greece debt volume is scary.

    I'd love to visit ur beautiful country one day.

    Have you visited india?
    Hi there, your choice of nick is intriguing. I don't think you are indian, then how come you call yourself parashuram?
    Thank you for your detailed reply, it has indeed enlightened me a great deal about your way of life and the mechanics of the military of Switzerland.
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