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  • My friend, If you choose to visit us at Swat, Bajaur or Waziristan, we will take you to meet people who themselves or their families really suffered at the hands of these ****** lowlifes. Entire families/bloodlines killed off, women burnt with acid for becoming doctors, men beheaded for opposing the Taliban or seeking an education. These shameless bigots even beheaded some young boys in 2006 for playing soccer in south Waziristan which the Taliban said was a game of the "Kuffar".
    Pakistan definitely was safer 5 years ago, you should be safe in Lahore and Islamabad with state protection. As for the radicals, they don't care if you are from a neutral country or a country that has nothing to do with them at all. They just need bargaining chips. When a foreigner is kidnapped, his Pakistani escorts are beheaded and the video posted all over the internet. Then they make some outrageous demand like:
    1) Give us $500 Billion.
    2) Establish the Caliphate.
    3) Pull American troops out of Afghanistan.
    4) Give Spain back to the muslims.
    5) End all anti-terrorist ops.
    When these demands cannot be met, the foreigner is also beheaded. They beheaded a polish engineer in 2008, poor guy, I felt really bad for him.....I'm not trying to scare you, keep in mind that getting kidnapped under state security is very difficult.
    Then you will have to be careful, even now we have a situation developing in Peshawar where the Taliban attacked an intelligence installation and are now being hunted down, thankfully, no one was hurt(Yet).
    Make no mistake, you will be in danger when you step in Pakistan, try to remain in a crowd and not roam around alone or with any one person unless you really trust him, you are in danger not from the general public, they will gladly lay their lives for you but the Taliban.
    I have met with numerous ICRC, UN, merlin and Doctors without borders aid workers and really appreciate them for their efforts.
    Which cities will you be travelling to ?
    Visiting Pakistan ? With any luck(and brown skin colour), given your Indo-Iranian background, you will not stand out from the crowd and will remain out of unnecessary risks. Yes, things truly are going downhill for people over here and the worst is yet to come, disease, food shortages, massive numbers of IDPs, it's going downhill until the next harvest season comes, with any luck the 4 to 7 feet of alluvium deposited by the floods will make the next crop season quite successful.
    Hhhhhmmmmmm, I bet the UN has it's hand full these days.............Hunger, Violence, War, Rights Abuse is everywhere................Hope to have you back soon, we really miss your deep and detailed posts...........
    cool...welcome back..

    p.s.: no need for Mr. Im just a young man in my twenties
    Salam Dear friend,
    It has been quite some time since I have come across one of your posts, not posting very regularly ? Is it because of the work load or are you losing faith in the forum ?
    Thank you Parashuram1 and let me tell you I also appreciate you standing up and backing people like us. Sorry for replying so late. I forgot to check this section of the forum. I agree this overt and unilateral tolerance is probably the reason for the state of affairs that we are in today in India.
    Ok thanks... Just so that you know...your name is revered figure in Hindu mythology...but i believe you already know it..
    just curious....Your name sounds Indian but looks like you are not ... Are you swiss ?
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