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  • Can you please give your thoughts on this thread:

    Are RAW Agents sabotaging Pakistan Defence Forum
    Got the deatails.......the office is in bhimber AJK.....theres an army school in the center of bhimber you cant miss it and ask anyone there and they will direct you to the office.
    Make sure you have your ID card otherwise they wont let you nowhere near the place.
    I phoned up but my cuz but his is on duty......i have asked my uncle to get the details from him when he comes home and either for him to phone me or my uncle to pass on the details......really sorry for the dealy
    Omar you have to join provincial police i.e.: Sindh, Punjab Police and each police is recruiting for the ATTF. Let me know which area you are in and i will forward you the contact details for your local Police HQ.

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