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    Proteas 'will play' Pakistan in UAE: Smith

    Dude, that was one awesome dialogue. But here is the thing, I once loved Pakistani cricket WAY too much. This was probably before you were even born :) And I hate what has become of it now.
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    A Defense of Free Speech

    If you still think that I am being unfair in criticism of Islam, let me know. I will quote the verses that "hurt my sentiments" and I promise you that I will never "hurt your sentiments". Fair enough?
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    A Defense of Free Speech

    So if I am too stubborn to think, why should God "seal" my heart? If he is kind enough he should help me open my heart, right? What does this mean? This makes almost as much sense as Qu'ran. Fine, why should he seal my heart? How is not believing a "mischief"? My question to you...
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    Thank you Webmaster

    Thank you mods for keeping this forum free and nice. I tried posting on BR and got banned. Created a new account, again banned. They cannot even stand a bit of self-criticism. You guys rock!:toast_sign::victory::bounce::yahoo:
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    A Defense of Free Speech

    They are legally entitled to build the mosque. Several thousands of Americans, including our preseident support that motion. I feel disgusted at the twisted motives of some douches that want to remind people of that ghastly incident with a mosque, but I defend to death your right to build...
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    A Defense of Free Speech

    1) live and let live - how has that anything to do with criticizing? Is your faith SO weak that it cannot stand a person's frank criticism? 2) Okay, delete all the verses from Qu'ran that criticizes non-believers and then I will stop criticizing your prophet. Deal?
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    A Defense of Free Speech

    Quote from Quran How can an examiner who seal's the examinee's mind judge fairly? Is this God "NEUTRAL"? Let alone "KIND"? A Kind examiner will OPEN the heart of the examinee, make him succeed. A neutral examiner will not interefere, neither seal someone's heart nor open. Only a twisted...
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    A Defense of Free Speech

    You can call Holocaust fake. No problem. With or without evidence to substantiate that. If denying the massacre of thousands of other humans makes you feel better, so be it, go for it.
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    Racist UK

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    Racist UK

    Cheer up Brah!
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    Racist UK

    LOL HALF the people missed the sarcasm in my initial post. Damn, you guys!
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    Likewise ....

    Likewise ....
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    Racist UK

    Don't know much that much about UK bro. I know about here in the US though. American can be racist, but nothing compared to our folks. Thanks for educating me! :smitten:
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    Sky Sports Poll: Should Pakistan be Banned from International Cricket?

    How so? Also, if PCB is banned, we will find new ways to entertain ourselves. Necessity = Mother of invention. 1996 Quarter-final. I cried when we lost to India. I was angry at Wasim for not playing. There was a time when I was VERY passionate about our cricket. I wouldn't miss a SINGLE...
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    Cyber Missile to destroy Iran's nuclear plant?

    Leave it be, my friend. They wouldn't understand.

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