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    The partition of laughter

    Lol owned? Last time i heared sum1 use that word was in highschool. My initial assumption was rite. 16yr old internet warrior kissing uncle sams rear whilst claiming to be all patriotic.
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    The partition of laughter

    Acording to ur logic the americans spit on our faces everyday. What r u doing licking their rears. Quit being all emotional its politics. Am proud to be canadian. So no thanks.
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    The partition of laughter

    How has britain spit on her face. It has given her everything she is today. And if ur referring to india. Not every indian is like the ones on this forum, get out of this little hate-box of yours.
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    The partition of laughter

    Y r all u guys getting ur panties in a bunch. If she feels more british than pakistani why r u so offended. She lives, eats, sleeps and contributes to british society not pakistani. She gets free healthcare and education from british society not pakistani. What has pakistans government done for...
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    Upcoming Pakistani films

    concept looks good! but cinematography and choreography needs ALOT of work!
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    The pain of partition

    r u effin stupid. muhajirs r the most educated and made the most sacrifices for our nation. they brought language and culture that is associated with pakistan today. for ur info the founder of pak lived in bombay. and there wud be no pakistan if it werent for him and others from present-day india .
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    Fashion in Punjab

    i noticed that the women's indian punjabi shalwar uses alot more fabric and draping (the patiala style) where the pakistani one is more simple. although there was a fad in pakistan when the patiala shalwar was in style. this pic looks more of a pakistani style than an indian one. as i think...
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    Who gets to be a Muslim in Pakistan?

    radicalization is going to destroy us all. the sectarian divide has grown and continues to grow. i would say that 20 years ago many sunnis were okay with shias. but now its to the point where they wont even eat at their house. when we first moved to canada we stayed with a shia family. and now...
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    Why India and Pakistan will keep growing apart

    i agree that pakistan and india will keep growing apart. however to deny that we are similar or share commonalities such as history, food, language, dress is absurd and is a distortion. as much as pakistanis want to erase their "indianess" and associate with arabs or believe that they dropped...
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    UN: India not safe for infant girls

    the boy-girl bias exists in my family as well as a few other pakistanis we know. altho there are no abortions in my family my uncle didn't come to see my cousin when she was born cause he was pissed it is a girl. and my dad kept having kids until my brother was born...after which he said no...
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    China forced abortion photo sparks outrage

    Here in Canada u see the repercussions of China's one-child policy and the consequent normalization of the ideology of less children but male children has been imported. recently there have been unofficial bans on revealing the sex of the child before 20 weeks here in areas in and around toronto...
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    How Kashmir was stolen from Pakistan by Mountbatten

    Since going to the local public library seems like ur favorite pasttime i'm not surprised u r unaware of realities on the ground. I guess the un's imagination was going wild too when they concocted all those stories about the highest number of troops And human rights abuses. Maybe u shud save...
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    How Kashmir was stolen from Pakistan by Mountbatten

    So Indian army is? I am speaking about current status quo there. The resistance to occupation has shifted from a violent one to a peaceful and more of a youth oriented movement. Pak terrorists r not needed to incite anything anymore. The mass graves and human rights violations r enough to get...
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    How Kashmir was stolen from Pakistan by Mountbatten

    Kashmiri Stone pelting teenagers r Pakistan sponsored terrorists?

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