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    Similarities of NAZI Germany under Hitler & forthcoming HINDUTVA India under Modi

    Nazi ideology born again in the shape of Hindutva. Hindu Fundamentalist Nazi inspired ideology must be defeated at all costs.
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    UK eager to boost trade with Pakistan to £10b

    Trade with Britain should be rapidly increased. It is good that 150 British Companies are doing business in Pakistan, but additional potential exists. Pakistan has 228,000,000 million consumers.👍
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    Abu Dhabi Group to invest another $500m in Pakistan’

    Great for both countries
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    Pakistani Textile Company Acquires a Denim Factory in US

    Trade with US should be increased in all avenues.👍
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    Saudi FM visiting Pakistan within fortnight

    We love our GCC brothers. They are good people
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    Pakistan looks beyond the Gulf towards China

    Biggest source of foreign exchange and employment for expatriates and they are plotting against us? Typical thinking with emotion and no rational logic🤣
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    India backing ISIS in region to spread chaos in Pakistan: PM

    Indian state sponsored terrorism needs to be exposed to the world.
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    For the first time ever, Pakistan’s exports to US cross $400mn for three months straight

    Pakistan-US trade has the potential to reach $10-15 Billion and every effort should be made to reach that potential.
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    Pakistan looks beyond the Gulf towards China

    Calm down dude. GCC is hub of Pakistani expatriates and are all brotherly countries. Ups & downs come in relationships, but Saudi Arabia has stood by Pakistan on many occasions.
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    Italy, UK and Sweden sign MoU on development of Tempest

    New product and technology innovation is wonderful. Great venture.

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