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  • pakistanis have anger in thier hearts because they have seen the nomercy of indian airforce,navy,army and there aggrisson on pakistani army and PAF in past. 1948,1965,1971,kargil ect.world knows about it. pakistan has been deafeted every time they shows up this is the reason they are writing untruth.indian airforce is worlds 4th largest airforce i will only talk about truth .i think who are writing this about PAF and 3rd largest army and 15 times bigger navy then pakistan navy. pakistan has f-16 but they are 40 year old in technology. india has sukhoi su-30 5th generation fighter and currently 2nd best fighter jet after f-22.india is 2nd fastest growing nation financially after china and also with growing fighter jets of 5th generation.india have 750+ fighter jets. pakistan have currentlly between 400 to 430 fighter all are old and second hand purchased jets.this is the truth and nothing but truth
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