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    Turkish Naval Programs

    TF-2000 is Navies project and TF4500 is STM project.
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    Turkish Aviation Programs

    Are you the dumb writer of the article?
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    Egypt’s Prospects as an Energy Export Hub Across Three Continents

    Egypt is nothing, ther are major stronger players in the field. Egypt with zero pipeline to EU can do nothing. Russia and now Turkey will be the player. Even the Russians have a share in zohr fields:-), what a sell out country. Electricity exporting to EU? 8-)
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    Arab Parliament Chief to Asharq Al-Awsat: Arab Security Unity to Confront Turkey, Iran

    Stupid donkeys are acting strong against Turkey and Iran but ther cousins Israel are they quit :-) .
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    Turkish Naval Programs

    Milden should never be 1700 ton, at least 3000 ton.
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    Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into a Chinese Client State

    Writer of the article is a feto member, ther is no such stupid thing happening in Turkey.
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    T-129 Atak & Turkish Attack Helicopter Programs

    Macaroni talking about what?
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    Featured Greece to Buy 18 Rafale Fighters, Four New Frigates to Boost Defense

    Intentions and buying something are two different thing, they have not the money as you can see:-).
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    Featured GNA has just announced a ceasefire in Libya .

    Turkish f16 are all upgraded to block50+, next level upgrade will be Turkish package. :p:
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    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    bende onun imzasina imza atiyorummm.. :-)
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    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Actually it have a 5m cep error, if it is within the 5 meter it is good. You are talking about 250kg bomb.
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    Featured Sudan's Government Agrees to Separate Religion and State

    Thanks to GCC Arabs another Arab country is going to fail...:-)
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    Turkey set to become largest operator of UCAV in Europe, Asia and Middle East

    Nobody did post it, another milestone reached by TUSAS. Aksungur made fifty nineth test and fly 49 hours.