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    Turkey conducts operational firing test with HISAR-A+ air defense missile system

    Tor goes maybe further but with a dead speed, other side Hisar have secondary engine in last part of the flight. So ther is not much escape zone for the enemy, a supersonic missile will never be effective burn the fuel before it reach the target. The latest test of Hisar was 10 km altitude...
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    Bayraktar TB-3, Navalized armed UAV system will use TEI-PD-180 engines

    A single engine uav would never enough to power a AESA radar.
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    Another air defense missile with a range of 100 kilometers has been announced

    In a ware scenario you will never be able to shoot down a fighter from that distance, first enemy fighter will activate EW, second he will try break the radar lock. Max 200 km is enough, further is difficult to hit, Centric Warfare is more important. That is Turkish defence industry is aming...
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    From the ashes of genocide, Islam rises in Rwanda

    What did happen with that gang leaders and ther revelations. Who let people slaughtered like animals?
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    Syrian AD intercepts multiple Israeli missiles over Latakia

    LoL still spreading stories....
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    Turkish Air Defence Programs

    Nobody can stop Turkish defence industry anymore. Give it 10 years and we will shoot satelites from the sky...8-)
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    T-129 Atak & Turkish Attack Helicopter Programs

    TS1400 will be maybe 5 years later used in Millitairy aviation if they start now, in a interview with Aksit CEO of TEI. He told that the current engines are not suitable for millitiairy choppers, they need extra oil pump. Ther is no project started for that, another additional upgrade needed to...
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    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Something like that who knows, but certain thing is stealthy drone.
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    Biden poised to recognise Armenian genocide as Turkey left without friends

    it is disgraceful that he backed you people with Brazil 2010. Should let the west isolate further. And close the border with iran... 😀
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    Biden poised to recognise Armenian genocide as Turkey left without friends

    Turkey with no friends, should ask Iran for help... LoL.....
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    Akinci Bayraktar first test with ammunition

    MAM-T the new micro smart bomb.... Range is fired by uav 30km+, light fighter 60km+ and drop by F16 80km+..
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    Morocco To Acquire The Most Deadly Stealth Drones from Turkey

    LoL First it was fake Bayraktar destroying pantsir, and then operator was Arab. That was not enough it was export version. Next.....

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