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    PM’s adviser asks Senate body to ‘shut down’ PIA

    PIA lost glory is not in the hands of top management. I worked in Lahore and Peshawar airport and the whole infrastructure needs restoration, despite it is impossible to get results without political interference. But look who's talking? Mushahid ... Naam he kaafi he kashti me sorakh karne ko
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    Last Movie You Watched

    Bumping :D Just saw xmen apocalypse .. 6/10.. Not that impressive
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    Info needed regarding Short Service Commission (Navy)

    Hi there! I have recently completed my Aerospace Engineering and I applied for Navy Short service commission in operations branch SSG ! I have few questions regarding this branch. What is the rank of sub lieutenant in Navy? How they induct candidates in SSG (Does training start from the first...
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    Windows 8 could be the next Vista

    This is the modified version of windows 7 for tabs. But it su**s. Window vista is far better than windows 8.
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    Too many mosques, legislation needed

    My point of view is that the mosque should be so apart from each other that the voice of athan of one mosque should not reach to other one. There should be a proper Area described by the development authority. I am living in urban area where every mosque is unique and beautiful. And according to...
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    Thanks A lot Sir!

    Thanks A lot Sir!
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    US needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs US.

    Taking out OBL in 11 years? I used to see everyday in peshawar that thousand's of trucks passing through and using pakistani routes to bring stuff to US army in Afghanistan. We lost hundred's of Army men in this war. Saving pakistan from earthquake ,floods is a big big joke. This should be the...
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    For Pakistan, time to try India as a friend (resurrection)

    Come on Sir G! At-least we haven't regular army in Kashmir:sniper:
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    For Pakistan, time to try India as a friend (resurrection)

    Nothing will happen. Everyone is right here. The only thing is Kashmir Issue:)
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    For Pakistan, time to try India as a friend (resurrection)

    The way you replied shows that i am right. Do you have any decent tone to reply the one.?:coffee: This is the fact that indian Military is showing the power in Kashmir. If the military is keeping the law and order high than why there are militants fighting against them. And sorry to say ISI and...
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    For Pakistan, time to try India as a friend (resurrection)

    BTW pakistan is not a theocractic state. How you mentioned "highly religious mental-frame"...
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    For Pakistan, time to try India as a friend (resurrection)

    Why not i join 7 lac army of India in Kashmir ,struggling to free kashmir,with advance weapons and tactics and fighting against un-armed civilians..:)
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    Last Movie You Watched

    i do prefer English Movies too but In romantic genre i prefer Bollywood . Because dil to bacha he ji.

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