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  • hey..Osama bro
    yar i have cleared the initial GDp test and now today at morning will be my Medical pray..
    Do Pray for the Sucess of mine
    Walikum salam
    I have practice Taekwondo during my early days. Now a days I practice little bit of Hapkido (busy working and other matter) and weight lift as I find it more effective in defensive mode without using any weapon.
    Dair zar me taraki na da karay rora, hagha mod chee was nishta pa forum banday hagha zama tol postona delete kari woo. No was me dobara recover kral.
    and you are as proud sons of Pakistan as any of us...i was just trying to correct zubair as his words did not seem appropriate...
    If you and I stop feeling pride in being sons of this land then we shall be broken and hope shall be lost...
    Our Army is engaging the rascals who have sanctioned terrorism in the name of Islam...the political parties want to save themselves so they try to strike deals with Taliban...ANP wants to save itself and remain attached to power and that is the only reason it wanted peace even though it meant condemning the Pakistanis of Swat to the chains of oppression...
    Always remember that you are a Pakistani...we shall one day make sure that the whole world sees the true Pakistan as a shining example of the courage, faith, hard work and determination of us Pakistanis.
    Never lose hope and do not let the enemies of Pakistan manipulate you or those around you...that is what we can do these days.
    Inshallah we shall see much better days, i am sure of it.
    H1N1 Flu, I am recovering though. Please remind me in your prayers.

    Thanks for remebering me.
    W/Salam zarrgia...ALLAH de her jaiz khuahish pura ka ao agha de oshe che se ke sta ao sta da koor walla khairiat ve...
    Akhpal pura mehnat kawa ao ALLAH na pake khair ghuarra inshALLAH her kaar ba de pura kege !
    Khushala ao Abad Ussay Gula
    Congratulations Janab
    Its really GREAT.
    Im so happy.
    Waisy prefference kia ho ge?
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