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    Multiple Accounts Discussions

    This discussion actually started on my introduction thread! I finally got the guts to register after weeks of browsing and then a member brings this up!i didnt know what hit me!It was so embarrassing...:oops::what: Trust me its really freaky for a new member. Multiple ids for the same...
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    Chamalang The Gold Valley-Pak Army's gift to the Nation

    I second that.The man sounded so happy and optimistic.I really hope this new found prosperity and more lasts for generations! A cook earns much more in daily wages than he would in dubai he says... since the biggest distributor of this coal is a dubal based company,this is gr8 news! And thank...
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    Chamalang The Gold Valley-Pak Army's gift to the Nation

    can't believe the media actually didnt show up for such a great event!Guess it didnt have any juicy conspiracy theory related to the PA,,otherwise it would have been lapped up.Y don't the ispr make an edited copy and circulate it to the media or upload it on their site? the poem is superb...
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    Israeli ambassedor hit by shoes and books!!!

    ^^^and charge jihad 10% everytime he wears them.
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    Israeli ambassedor hit by shoes and books!!!

    would that really make a difference to them...??:disagree: etc??? ur list is long!
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    Swat Operation II

    The other side to our PAs' operation in Swat; Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl (iii) (a seventh grader from swat) MONDAY 26 JANUARY: HELICOPTER TOFFEES I woke to the roar of heavy artillery fire early in the morning. Earlier we were afraid of the noise of helicopters and now the...
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    Swat Operation II

    A latest piece of news from swat; Suicide attack at Mingora police station, dozen injured Updated at: 2345 PST, Thursday, February 05, 2009 MINGORA: At least 12 policemen were injured when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into a police station in Mangora on...
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    Pakistan At A Tricky Crossroads

    And did it mention that we r actually proud of both? :YAWN: Do we look scary already?:smokin: Well on that pretext the FBI supposedly knew of the mumbai attacks and claim to have warned the GOI of it as well...hmmm so we say both them were also involved?that would even sound more...
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    Zaban-e-Ordu or language of the army and later just Urdu

    Mayb thats because they cant boost of 200+ years of british raj!The spanish had the arabs and their language is heavily influenced by arabic.english is now,more or less a global language.But yes,just not knowing english shouldnt be a basis of judgement...like they say...amerika mei tu jamadar...
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    Is India Planning To Announce Kassab’s Death?

    Laugh all u want...but just ans this.Why do u indians keep increasing his remand?6th of jan 2009...extended by a month and now upto the 15th of feb.Just get him out and have it done with! or is he already eliminated?;) just a thought!
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    Swat Operation II

    Hey Pashtun!.First lets set some records straight here; Fazllulah is neither TNSM...also not accepted by his father in law (sufi mohd,founder of the tnsm), who does not support an armed conflict with the security agencies or the GOP,neither does he support the ban on girls education.Fazllulah...