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    To Talk or not to Talk[ Gen Tariq's take on Niazi's talks with terrorists]

    War is politics by other means... says Clausewitz. He(The General) is at the end of the day a soldier and must march on as instructed, no? Isn't it a change of narrative really when a diverging or outright conflicting political shift happens via ballot? Besides it isn't new that men fought...
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    The Momentum of History: Accelerating, Advancing, All Vectors Combined

    A war to end all wars... to the war that ends all! Greed has had better of us... we found out long ago... if you feed cattle they do your bidding, ergo dogs etc. Sapiens are for all intents and purposes, domesticated! Easy food and shelter... House Nigers! For freedom means hungry nights, broken...
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    No cashiers, please: Futuristic supermarket opens in Mideast

    Unabated and unabashed consumerism, sans human interface, humanity and associated costs. Masses of underclass humanoids working tirelessly to avail luxury for a few... who assume they deserve it!
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    Review GSP Status If Pakistan Fails To Persuade Taliban: EU

    Geopolitical realignment really... Perhaps, turning the page on post colonial pet project of the west and joined at the hip with western interests, projection, markets, currency, trade and political leverage through cultivated leaders. Perhaps returning to the normal... neighborhood that exists...
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    The odd couple: China's deepening relationship with the Taliban

    Uyghur movement is as much an ethnic and pan Turkic movement as Islamic... it is however overly conflated and associated with Islam... but in the same token Tibet and it's movement kept regional and ethnic and not overtly religious despite Dalai Lama et al... To be Muslim is essentially be...
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    A new economic system for the near-future

    Credits and debits is exactly what current system is... To have one you need the other... to have a positive balance sheet there must be someone simultaneously having an equal in negative. Theoretically though... However, the system is geared towards optics and consumption... to acquire one...
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    Featured Afghanistan Collapse Dissected: Key Reasons and Characters Involved in The Taliban Blitzkrieg

    Excellent as always! This arduous journey of reflection and liberation, has by default put spanner in works for all malignant forces... and for once all have a stake in it's success like never before. Curiously enough Arabs exposed themselves just shortly before the cascade and have no cards...
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    Western allies cannot allow China to fraternise with the Taliban

    How do you justify stocks? In best of scenarios it falls in the gray... Though an investor who is risk averse and in for a long haul, not betting on expected gains in coming quarter and jump ship... For a short intro... read "Qimar" (Arabic: قمار) means buying or purchasing on chance or...
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    Shackles of stupidity

    Word salad and incoherent mumbo jumbo on what ifs... hand wringing and fear of unknown. To lift oneself one has to hit bottom... One must come to honest appraisal of himself to know and set the arduous path to success... and the goal post cannot be set by someone else on fleeting sense of...
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    Sad, angry & scared’: Hundreds of Afghan refugees protest against Taliban, demand rights in India

    Lure of the greener pastures or, Chasing a mirage... Base human instincts... one can never rid himself of a fleeting desire of someone else's or perceived, augmented and/or contrived accomplishment, supremacy or influence. They can only be assuaged by contentment in the contemporary and at hand...
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    Breaking: Taliban says they want good relations with India

    Since all that happened so far has gripped everyone with surprise... it will take time to digest and reflect on all of its implications. Gone is the dream of resurrecting an India centric paradigm, a Pakistan neutered and a central Asia that is Indian backyard. In fact Indian strategic footprint...
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    America abandoned India in Afghanistan?

    Rancor and racket by Indians is simply misplaced. Indians had a free ride on U.S. largesse furthering formers agenda in the neighborhood without their own sweat, blood and treasure. They however should not forget that they were a junior partner in this equation. This free ride lasted this long...
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    Charting a New Deal

    Bound by the absolutes... Or, absolute logical conclusion. Western Liberal Order, the swings of the pendulum reaching each end and it's extremities. A fallacy... a facade of liberty... people enduring pains to find their boundaries, counterculture and rebel within... only to find a sad and...
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    Why Afghan army collapsed

    Creating muscle memory in this case takes time. People had to go through the motions for much longer and accept it as their fate... Western Liberal Order. Not to be when a popular militia fights for cause only... remember the process of importing and installing a regime is time consuming and...
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    Around A Whopping $3.0 Billion Worth Of Animals Sacrificed On Eid Al-Adha In Pakistan This Year.

    One who gives life, taketh! An act of faith so profound, it was and remains unmatched... submission to the fullest. One who was to sacrifice his own son! It was never the sacrifice but the act itself... It relives in it's distinction... relives in it's action/deed as a reminder for those yet...

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