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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    You're not the only one. I think everyone is stunned as to how incompetent and corrupt the Russian Army is. We thought they had an extremely well trained/drilled military fighting machine, but turns it out, just having overwhelming fancy weapons does not win you wars. Their Command Structure is...
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    Jeez, what a spectacular clusterfu** by the Russians. When this war is over, there will be books written about this debacle. With the loss of Kupiansk, the Russians loose their major rail network thus loosing the ability to bring in their supplies and reinforce their positions. My hats of to...
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    You're giving the Russians too much leeway here. Lets look at a few things and dissect this issue: 1. Russians invaded Ukraine, Europe's second largest country with a population of 44 million with an Army of 200K. Russian leadership assumed that the Ukrainian leadership would fall and the...
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

    Threaten them with WHAT? Russia is a spent military force. They have very limited resources left to conduct offensive operations inside Ukraine, let alone carry out simultaneous offensives inside Moldova. The myth of Russian Armed Forces and their superiority has been broken. NATO is...
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    Farah Gogi gets clean chit in corruption case

    HAHA you're expecting ghairat from @Tameem . He openly says corruption is good for the country and Mian Saab is King and should be allowed to loot as much as he can. That's the problem with these slaves HAHAHAA you nailed it, 4 decades of watching Political shows and sitting in PML-N corner...
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    Farah Gogi gets clean chit in corruption case

    No you don't have any political experience, stop making it up. The current generation is a lot more politically aware then you are, this is why they are able to call out your B.S and laugh at your idiocy. Comment on what? Not a single shred of evidence against Farah Gogi. This is why you're the...
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    Farah Gogi gets clean chit in corruption case

    You seriously think PML-N supporters like @Tameem @FOOLS_NIGHTMARE have the brain cells to self introspect and take accountability for their words and actions. I mean, these are the people who openly say 'Corruption is Good for the Country' and if you go and look closely at their family tree...
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    Dr۔ Shahabaz Gill arrested from Islamabad

    Its amusing how Shahbaz Gill used to be a Grade B or even C Leader of PTI, but now he is a Grade A Leader of PTI. Whether it was Establishment or PDM, they have officially made Shahbaz Gill a relevant topic and a relevant name.
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    Nawaz Sharif wants early elections

    Wow That's what you call gang rape of Qamar Zaman Kaira
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    Imran Khan can’t win election if institutions remain neutral: Bilawal Bhutto

    What imaginary ground are you talking about? If PML-N had gained ground, they would be going for re-election right now. They know that they will loose big in Punjab due to their corruption, incompetence, and that is why they are trying their level best to delay the election. This time PTI will...
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    Top US Air Force General surprised how poorly Russian Air Force has performed

    There is a difference though. JDAM's are expensive, Artillery is cheap. Russia is not the US with an unlimited defence budget, they have to be strategic with the investments they make. On the other hand, Russian Army is an Artillery First Army. They call Artillery the 'God of War', thus its...
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    The Burning South - Live Simulation Thread

    That does not surprise me. A-100 is one of the best procurements that Pakistan Army has made in the past decade. Smerch is an absolute hammer. When India introduced this system in the Subcontinent, there was massive fear on the Pakistani side that India could devastate Pakistan's Armored...
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    Supreme Court Decision on Presidential Reference

    Disagree PDM was smart enough not to use PTI dissenters vote for the National Assembly which means Shahbaz Sharif stays in power PDM used PTI dissenters vote in Punjab Assembly to make Hamza the CM, that means Hamza will be deseated because those votes are invalid. CM Punjab is the most...
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    Shahbaz Sharif to visit Shangla

    WOW. No wonder PML-N does not want an early election if they can only gather to mobilize such a small crowd. I don't count more then 2000 people. This looks like a corner meeting, and Shangla is PML-N homeground. PML-N made a huge mistake taking the Government now. If they would have just...
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    PTI Electoral Position in Next Elections

    I have my sincere doubts about that. PML-N and PPP are extremely unpopular in South Punjab. PTI is at its peak popularity in South Punjab right now. Say what you want about Buzdar and i agree he is a duffer, but he did quite a bit of work for development in South Punjab which has resulted in PTI...

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