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    Over 72% want to see Narendra Modi as next PM

    Seething? Mate are you blind, look at this thread. All of us Pakistanis support Modi and Yogi, they are the best thing happen to Pakistan. All this charade of inclusive secular India has been blown apart from these guys. We always knew that India was a communal sh** hole where minorities were...
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    BrahMos Storage Complex Under Construction in Halwara

    Here is the thing though, no one can be sure what the yield of Pakistan's nukes are. I am not sure where you're getting that Pakistan does not has enough delivery platforms because Pakistan's platforms are dispersed throughout the country. IF is the key word. Both sides monitor each other's...
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    Early polls likely to be nip and tuck affair between PML-N and PTI

    As a PTI supporter, i agree PTI is losing the next election if they don't get a control on inflation. On top of that, they have a total duffer at the top slot in Punjab. Imran Khan got every change to succeed, but he shot himself in the foot by being stubborn and not replacing Buzdar.
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    BrahMos Storage Complex Under Construction in Halwara

    The massive cost with be the end of the Indian civilization and India as a whole. 350 nukes lobbed at the right targets is enough to ensure not a single soul inside India survives. Its laughable that Indians think they will come out okay in a nuclear exchange, when Pakistan possess more...
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    BrahMos Storage Complex Under Construction in Halwara

    I guess that would be a top secret for which i don't have an answer for. But what is not a secret is that there are hundreds of Babur's that are currently in PA's armoury. Thanks for sharing this. Although these tests are 'Dog and Pony Shows' designed to purposely succeed, this video does...
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    BrahMos Storage Complex Under Construction in Halwara

    Yet there are hundreds of Babur's now in service. Do the math We are yet to see the proof for this. Don't take offense but Indians have a habit of overhyping their weapon systems. Remember, the 'Raptor of Asia'. False or have the Indians developed a new theory to defy the law of physics. You...
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    Lahore Air Quality: Spread of Fake Air Quality Data & Punjab's Wrong Pollution Levels Calculations

    Minister Sb needs a MF reality check. The smog in Lahore is seriously becoming unbearable. Yesterday as i was walking to my car, i lowered my mask for two seconds and you can literally smell the smog, not to mention as it pierces through your eyes and cause a burning sensation. I am literally...
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    LOL PPP would be lucky if they get more then 1000 votes from this halqa. This is one of the strongest holds of PML-N, expect a landslide victory for PML-N. This and Gawalmandi are their safest seats in Lahore.
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    India is the most secular country in the world: Vice President Naidu

    Couldn't agree more He sure can. Pakistan didn't elect a Hindu Terrorist the Proud Butcher of Gujarat as its Prime Minister. It was India who did that. Beautiful Secular India for everyone to see.
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    Govt can no longer borrow from state bank, a sad day.

    Darnomics hahahaha hahahah Economic growth all fake fueled by imports and figure fudging by Dar. That's why he ran from the country cause the 420 knew, his time was up. Even Nawaz Sharif ran from the country. What a bunch of thieves.
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    Reports of Tentative Truce, Amnesty for Militants as Pakistan Negotiates with Outlawed TTP

    For that to happen, we would need to invade and take over Kunar and Nuristan. We have eradicated them from Pakistan because that's our territory, but TTP cannot be eradicated unless we take over Kunar and Nuristan. As long as they shelter in these Afghan provinces, they can build their strength...
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    Pakistan officially inducts HQ 9 Air Defence system

    Bad Example The Pantsir was operating in isolation against one of the most advanced air force in the world who's EW is simply top notch. But the Pantsir under Pakistan's Air Defence data linked to PAF's other assets and watch how well it performs. Any weapon system operating in isolation will...
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    Pakistan officially inducts HQ 9 Air Defence system

    Just wait. You will get some good news in this regards. Agreed Not sure how folks are missing this. The HQ9 was inducted long time ago.
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    Wehrmacht: Why No Collapse

    The video does a good job explaining some of the motivations, but it missed a major point. The senior leadership of Wehrmacht fought till the end because they knew very well the war crimes they had committed in the prior years, and the fact that they would be shown no mercy from the Allies...
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    Why do Indians lie so stupidly?

    Lack of critical thinking among the masses in India. That's the short and sweet answer to your question. The mantra that 'We believe everything our Government and Arnab tells us' creates a collective society that lacks critical thinking. Case in point: - We shot down a PAF F16. Our brave MIG21...

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