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  • Mirza Ghulam Qadyani and his followers are Kafirs as per the constitution of Pakistan. Your butthurt against Sunnis is quite obvious from your posts on that thread but it wont change the fact that Mirza was a Kazzab and died in his own poop.
    tagging u to my reply to your fellow countryman Tipu7 who has been on troll mode over NASR and Enhanced Radiation Weapon .... if you have time to give your comments
    Will do, and will forward your name to our Admins to enroll you as a Professional.
    Nope. Please don't. Will someday not now .... Am busy with different things .. a professional tag requires well thought out and articulate words which requires time. Thanks though.
    You are calling me troll mode just because I burst your childish theories?
    No I mean, I want replies to differrent people to come in different posts.

    If you see your post I replied to, regarding the Su 35, it would be in the same post as the one I replied to 500.

    I want them to be in different posts. Is there a way for that ? Or this is the default format ?

    When I post, all my replies come into a single huge post. Is it possible to put them separately so that its easy to read ?
    When you quote someone, use the start and end of your post syntax, to highlight the paragraphs or the specifics you want to reply to.
    I have also seen Ramu getting personal.....

    I REPORTED his comment to MODS, U should also do that, if u feel.
    ahan nice,last time i red somewhere that they are put out of service any way good to hear
    but we dont have AGM-Harm now in over inventory do we? i think they were retired from the service somewhere around 2004

    Are you talking about FT-2000/Hq-9 ? because as far as i go back there were rumors about this system
    hahah thats why i m deleting your msgs so no-one else canb read them lol .its a secret :-) ,by the way there were also reports about AGM-HARM anti radiation missile in paf inventory(i hope i m taking the name of missile right coz i have confusion whether its name was AGM-harm or AGM-shrike but i m sure the missile was anti-radiation)
    From brazil i know that we acquired MAR-1 anti-radiation missiles and you are talking about them or there are other anti-radiation missile excluding MAR-1 .secondly as far as i know South africa had bvr missiles or WVR missiles to offer us other than that there was nothing like you mentioned .but really man you are making me curious
    you made my day man rather you made my night man lol , by the way i guess these weapons will be acquired from China because thats the only country from where we can acquire weapons without making world notice about it
    oh thanks bro for you reply, BTW are you sure about them? and all they are imported from other countries or anyone of them is locally made
    you mentioned in one of your posts in HQ-9 thread that you know 3 missiles of PAF which are not made public ,If you don't have any problem can you only tell me what type of missiles they are (i will not ask you the exact type ,country of origin or exact missile name,coz i know its secret) but can u kindly tell me the type of these missiles mean bvr,WVR, anti-missile, point defence etc
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