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    Chinese Navy (PLAN) News & Discussions

    The catapult seems really off to one side and there is only one track. Doesn't seems to be the side angled catapult. Maybe they also have a sky jump head? Hangar also looks narrow and more like for helicopters.
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    FN-6 MANPAD seen in Syria

    Think it may help for the helo to fly low, since these type of MANPAD have a lowest operating altitude. Although then ground fire and RPGs etc becomes more of a problem.
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    Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

    Boss and employee.
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    where are China's 18 armies stationed?

    Back the the worst days of the Sino-Soviet split, there were 44 divisions from the SU deployed along the borders separating the two countries. PLA back then had 5 million (?).
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    where are China's 18 armies stationed?

    Also numbers for total war mobilization is completely different to peace time configurations. I probably used the wrong term. These labelled army position corresponds to PLA field armies, whereas group army in the PLA case would be more corresponding to the seven PLA military regions.
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    Rewards for diners who leave nothing

    Yes there it's also an attitude thing - even if that animal may otherwise be killed for another person if you don't eat it. Like when you go to public restrooms you don't just totally trash the whole cubicle knowing that someone is gonna get paid to clean it up anyway.
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    China conducted test on ground-based midcourse missile interception

    As far as I'm aware I did not contradict your views that satellites will be damaged or destroyed within the effective radius of an outer space nuclear detonation. In your original post you mentioned calculating the blast radius of nuclear detonation on land, so I assume you mean the physical...
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    Rewards for diners who leave nothing

    When I eat I finish everything in my plate down to the last grain of rice. It is not hard, some people are just lazy to finish off the last bits. I don't know how people can throw away half a burger and not feel guilty about it. Even if you pay for it with your own money it is still food.
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    where are China's 18 armies stationed?

    Each group army is probably about 50,000 in strength as there seems to be 19 of them on the map. PLA has already slimmed down to about 2 mil. Removing the Navy and Air force and you have roughly 1.4-1.5m. There is second artillery, performance people, spec ops and what not. 19 of 50,000 each...
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    China conducted test on ground-based midcourse missile interception

    I think, it's not really meaningful to talk about blast radius in the traditional sense in outer space nuclear detonation. The blast effect on earth seen is caused mainly by very hot expanding air. There is no air in outer space and therefore will be no shock waves, with most of the energy being...
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    China conducted test on ground-based midcourse missile interception

    Wonder how many UFO sightings in the past were just missile test in outer space. Not sure if it helps that Chinese Beidou satellites occupy a higher orbit constellation than the original GPS satellites, though not sure about the new ones. They should have took those factors into consideration...
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    where are China's 18 armies stationed?

    The unit with the plane symbol - Is that a rapid reaction army unit, similar to the 101th airborne? Interesting that it sits smack in the middle but can possibly be deployed to the peripheries on short notice. China needs to get a heavy transport fleet up and running. I think the tank and APC...
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    Chengdu J-20 5th Generation Aircraft News & Discussions

    Looks like position markers for tracking by cameras.
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    Leio's PLA military photos (kinds of military equipments)

    Probably staff taking a break at one of the air shows.
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    China conducts flight landing on aircraft carrier

    Got a video here about the event: http://v.ifeng.com/include/exterior.swf?guid=3e3fff6d-1391-4205-a64b-7efce9de4aa9&AutoPlay=false And youtube version:

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