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  • Yes, we can be respectful, no problem. We had good conversation, and I enjoyed it.

    Thank you for your advice, I will keep an eye and be more careful.
    I wrote that in hope that you and your countrymen don't rush behind him in everything he does. We could be more respectful to each other.
    Posting big big pictures do not convert a lie into a truth. And the truth is: Israel would have been wiped out in 1973 if US did not intervene.

    If that conflict took place today, it would be a different matter altogether though.

    Dear, if US did not intervene, you would not be able to select that flag with that 6-pointed star in the forum. :)

    Be grateful to your master for his previous help. Who knows what, you may need your master's help once again. Be a good dog so you can hope him to cover your back in the future. :)

    I used to believe Zionist propaganda like everyone else on the matter. However, observing the discussions in this topic gave me a more balanced viewpoint. Thanks Banglar Lathial, Blackeagle and all others who participated in the discussion.
    I just don't like such people. I for example have great respect for 500 and another Israeli member, although we don't agree on many issues.
    Look, don't trust the member king Solomon, we have given him the cold shoulder for a very long time, ignoring his rants. I really respect you since you stick to your principles although I strongly oppose them. What do you think of a guy who has changed his principles like 3450 times, his identity 78 times and his religion 567 times. He was pro-Saudi then pro-Iran, then pro-Sunni then pro-Shea, then then pro-Arab then pro Iranian then pro-Pakistan and now pro Indian, and then anti-Israeli but then pro-Israeli. He was an extreme anti-Israeli and Zionism. He turned to support Israel to punish us for ignoring him :p. plz check his posts history and you will understand.
    hey ... leave mother f...er arabs

    see this :


    she is an israeli p...star

    one of the most dangerous people on earth!!! try Google
    It was sad that the thread was deleted - no idea why, I really tried to present an unbiased view.

    It was nice to know the views of the Israelis.
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