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  • Try to control the abusive and offensive language. Be within the civilized discussion manners, i know what the Israelis have done, is in human and we have many who are their ********************, but using abusive or offensive language won't help.
    I will come back when your country is bombed by Israel or Nato..Nuclear Iran is just pipe dream!Pakistan is/will always remain the only Nuclear Muslim Country.
    Who would fly the Russian Jets..?The mullahs purged all your good pilots and you know it very well It is well known that Air Force was pro Shah..We're not talking about Pakistan here so why bring Pakistan here..Israel you know has allies in some Arab countries so they might be given permission to use their air space and hell what if US allows Israel to use Iraqi Air space for refueling etc?Israel won't be able to stop nuclear iran but can delay it by bombing some of Iran's infrastructure..anyway i was talking more of a general war rather then a specialized attack on Iran reactors.The only way you can hit Israel is through Hezbollah. Iran can't win a war against Israel.
    Dude you don't have to reply to trolls and make crappy posts like drone is bombing etc and let's face it Iranians would have kicked Israel's *** any day in the week if it was under Shah but the Mullah Government raped the millitary.Now Israel can easily attack Iran since Iran does not have any proper air force to speak off.All good pilots were purged by Mullah Regime.
    Nima bas kon baba, bas kon... Do as you please! It is of no consequence to me where your thoughts lie about Iranians or Eslam. I'd wish to be the last living "arabe-parast" (sarcasm) in the world had I the choice. Enjoy your ignorance. Bedrud!
    Nima, we already know where our differences lie, I'm just saying that you really need to calm down at times, that is all. Take it from an "arabe, hezbolahi, akhund or etc" whatever it is that you call Iranian Muslims.
    Yeah, I thought the beat was pretty sick. Like something I hear when I usually go to a club or something. Tell me you can't dance to that! TELL ME! lol

    Video was awesome. Reminded me of that video of "I can transform ya" by Chris Brown.
    Chill out Mafakah, will get your *** banned, in the pictures why are u standing while taking a ****? That looks like a toilet.
    you're right... the way one is brought up means a lot...

    not only that, once someone is on one side, switching to the other side is really hard for them coz human brain doesn't accept a new face of truth that easily... and other than that, the person probably already knows all the cons of the other side, but none of the pros

    in other words, when a person is even researching a new religion or anything, they are likely to pay more attention to cons and that is why we have so few converts in this world

    however, as a human, as a brother, as a whatever-you-might-consider-me... I'd like to tell you just one thing. Make sure you choose your side very carefully. Coz if even one of the religions was the right side to be on, your soul will be eternally doomed. And trust me, one of the 3 main religions namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam HAS to be right, because the 3 of them independently talk of the same thing. So its like 3 independent scientists in different parts of the world concluding the same thing! all 3 religions know the stories of Prophet Musa, Prophet Ibrahim, PROPHET ADAM, Prophet Noah, etc etc etc

    It can not be a mere coincidence that all 3 religions were taught the same thing, all 3 religions are most widely followed, and the MAIN IDEA of all 3 religions is the same: There is only ONE God, creature of everything, who has put us on this planet for a mere test to decide the final resting place for our souls.

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