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  • I have 15 years experience in Electrical Engineering, now planning to do Masters.

    I don't live in Karachi.I live in Lahore.I am in Karachi for enjoying and chilling for last 2 months.I will be heading back to Lahore in couple of days.I am doing A Levels and my name is classified ;)
    ahan...good. yes i also wish i could join army or air force but i didn't get any chance. (but i didn't give up any ways :)
    i hope i would be of any help for our armed forces in future :)
    hahahaha....but why??? its not a true presumption by the way. As for me, i love my country and all its services :)
    i wish i could join air force or army in any way. 6 years is not that much gap but you are free to call me baji, aapi or what ever you like :)
    so what do you do?
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