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    Tank Designs

    No, APS is active kill systems purpose is to avoid projectile contact with tank armour in the first place...so round/rectangular doesnt matter; projectile isto be dealt with at a distance from tank
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    Military Helicopters Designs

    Some captures regarding engine alignment on helis...see they are moved upwards, to reduce heat signatures to ground based threats- IR missiles(their OFTEN enemy) This perplexes me?
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    Iran starts production of dual-purpose carbon fiber

    you belong to the KSA your opinion about Iran is going to be rigged :rolleyes:
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    Iran starts production of dual-purpose carbon fiber

    Iran starts production of dual-purpose carbon fiber | World | RIA Novosti
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    Beware Russian & Americans...

    Ahh here comes a valuable addition; even today Chogy I have bookmarked the engine site address you said belong to you... However, there is something that Japanese couldn't do back in WWii & even today; & that is the manufacture of jet engines?? I mean no helicopter engines, no heavy machinery...
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    Russia's new Fire and forget missile Kornet-EM

    This is true I have said it many times. Here goes a recent research paper even: dated: 2006 https://dspace.lib.cranfield.ac.uk/handle/1826/1047 :azn: Another thing, even if it theorically can detect the laser, from ranges from 5-10km the beam will be so diffracted that it will be not possible...
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    Beware Russian & Americans...

    Ingenious designs are bound to have 'flaws'; Amerikan had flaws, Russian had flaws...but the ability to disuade those flaws is a quality Japanese do possess. With the miniaturised electronics that Japan produces every thing get smaller in size, reduced in weight ...& in rocket terms get more...
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    Beware Russian & Americans...

    Beware Russian & Americans, as there comes another player in Space race…Japan is pushing its already praised technical & engineering abilities to have a slice in the shares of billion dollar space launch industry, specializing in the launch of commercial satellites. Being renowned of their...
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    The mystery of the "Bandpass Radome"

    simple calculation f= frequency in Hz c= speed of light 3E8 or 300000000 in m/s λ = wavelength in m now say for 3Ghz = 3E9 HZ c= 3E8 m/s now putting these values in parent formula you get 0.1m for λ = 10cm same applies for all other frequencies next time do calculate & tell us what...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Chogy you are really hilarious, good post
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    Russia's new Fire and forget missile Kornet-EM

    @500 As expected this definition is from the WIKI page & I always say that Russian terminologies are different ( & in many cases economically good) lets giv an example of terminology difference, to sooth away 500's feeling that KBP is trying to fool others by stating its weapon fire-forget...
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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 4]

    Respected Santro, I do strongly believe that we must go on in technical cooperation with china as it is the ONLY politco/economico/geo feasible option however the quality of Chinese is yet to get mature & I am not talking about Defence industry in particular. Details to follow: In our...
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    Thnx for helping me out...you & Lidsky. Thnx again

    Thnx for helping me out...you & Lidsky. Thnx again

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