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Mar 10, 1989 (Age: 31)
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    1. nightcrawler
      I hope you like here much sir; its way too cool forum tan the Russian

      Hope you enjoy your stay sir.
    2. Project 627
      Project 627
      Yes I do you and I post at russian military forum.
    3. nightcrawler
      ...& why did you said that
    4. EagleEyes
      No need to tell people to go to hell. Grow the **** up?
    5. ptldM3
      "also I like you to explain how the vortex created via tail-booms(~in SU-27) may retard the effect of IR radiation from engine nozzle??"

      Depending on an aircraft's design the airflow off of a tail boom can cause a sort of vortex to form, if that vortex can mix with hot exhaust gases than an aircraft's IR should be ruduced, as for the SU-27, i'm not sure if there is a vortex from the tail boom.

      Here is a link to everything stealth, it is breifly mentions the tailboom/vortex issue.

    6. Martian2
      I have an electrical engineering degree. I'm a member of the electrical engineering honor society, Eta Kappa Nu. However, I re-enrolled at an university to transition into the health-care field.

      The important thing is that, in every post, I try to make a reasonable argument and back it up with a newslink. Every single one of my posts must stand on its own merit.
    7. Martian2
      I'm just like you, a military aficionado. I do well at school (e.g. 19 A's and 1 A- for a 3.99 out of 4.00 GPA; basically I pay attention). I use my common sense to counter the anti-China propaganda that the China-haters on this forum try to spread.
    8. Martian2
      Thank you for the excellent suggestion. I'll use the soundtrack "My Name is Lincoln" from The Island. I'll try to have the reworked high-definition video up in 7 days. Thank you for being patient.
    9. Martian2
      I'll try to create a new high-definition video of the J-20 over the weekend. The biggest problem is the music. I need to find an exciting soundtrack that won't create a copyright block in Pakistan.
    10. SQ8
      Dont have much on them in pdf's..
      recommend you do a search on it yourself.
      Since I only know that much which I posted about LOAN.
    11. gambit
    12. MastanKhan
      Sir, Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate authorites.
    13. amalakas
    14. PAFAce
      Well, it's simple F=ma. The thrust is the F, i.e., the force required to accelerate the entire mass of the rocket. Since the mass fell off suddenly, the m changed quickly. However, the control system cannot very the thrust as quickly, therefore, for a short period of time, the F was relatively constant and the m dropped quickly, thus the a, acceleration, increased suddenly. Since the rocket was still in the lower atmosphere where the air is thick, the quick burst may have caused the wind sheer forces to build up tremendously, thus resulting in the break-up and explosion. This is also why I don't think the "destruct command" was ever sent.

      Compare this to you pushing a shopping trolley while running as fast as you can. Now, say, something heavy falls off the trolley, suddenly the trolley isn't as heavy anymore. This will cause the trolley to accelerate even more quickly because of the force you are applying, and you will, most probably, fall because you were unprepared for this change in speed.

      Of course, this is just my personal view from what I saw on the video. It's very possible I was completely wrong.
    15. T-Faz
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    Mar 10, 1989 (Age: 31)
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    Undergraduate Chemical Engineer (UET,LHR)