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    China made only 6% of chips it used in 2020

    I see you must see baofeng/pofung soo popular in America:p:
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    ALL Xinjiang related issues e.g. uyghur people, development, videos etc, In here please.

    I bet he is the descendant of Keling refugees living in Indonesia :P
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    India’s Military Sees Small Budget Rise Despite China Standoff, throwing the timing of its military modernization program into doubt

    I didn't know y'all bake cake from shit, thanks for telling me, but no thanks ...:D
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    Two Indian women talk about their experience in China

    I Know.... I often read facebook status of people northeast india They will got abusive comments if they speak openly of the conditions of injustice and racism
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    Himalayan salt comes from the mountains of Pakistan at the Khewra Salt Mine –

    If Pakistan can process Himalayan salt into nasal rinse salt grade, your country will be very rich. I bought a 1 USD nasal rinse salt for 3 shacets with a total weight of only 8 grams for 3 days use. about USD 125 for 1 kilogram.
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    Tu-22M3M. World's deadliest anti ship plane. Armed with up to 3 Kh-32 anti ship missiles range 1000 km.

    The name "Tai hai chen" is written outside mainland China, I think he is just a foreigner who picked up the name randomly.
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    Singapore teenager arrested for plotting attack on Muslims

    2021 storming of the United States Capitol
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    Singapore teenager arrested for plotting attack on Muslims

    This terrorists is Indian by blood and soul, Indians whatever their religion, they will hate Muslims because of Pakistan. Their collaborators in Southeast Asia will try to cover up the case and blame anything on China or ethnic Chinese. Indians in Singapore who work as custodians at airports...
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    Wang Yi visits all ASEAN countries but one is missing on his list

    can you talk properly ndiot? or your brain is poisoned and your body turns blue
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    South Korea’s population shrinks for first time ever, with trend expected to worsen amid Covid-19

    Not all over Asia, ethnic Chinese have the lowest birth rate, so we technically only accept ethnic Chinese to fulfill 75 percent quota from China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia (Indonesia). Japan and Korea will import Chinese immigrants using inter-country marriage. Immigrants from the sinosphere...
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    India sends warship to deliver aid to Vietnam, conduct exercise in South China Sea

    This is your fantasy, boys ... :girl_cray3:
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    India says border with China stable, seeking early end to face-off

    I think they want to buy Chinese vaccines, Western vaccines will not be available in the near future. (Priority for domestic needs) ....

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