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  • You're more than welcome to ask me whatever you want to ask and I'll answer if I can. I'm not an expert, but I'll try to answer.
    Libya should have been divided!!! With all due respect, how can you support such a thing?
    The chaos in Libya is something which typically occurs after any armed revolution, and it's, hopefully, only a matter of time before things start to get better and Libya gets better.
    Thanks man.
    About Gadafi, I hate that guy because he started a war against his own people. The protests were peaceful at first.
    I know there could be another side, and the fact that the west backed the protestors because they didn't want Gadafi, but that guy was really insane. If you knew Arabic and heard him in his speeches, you'd really keep wondering how much drugs he took per day.The revolution wasn't really great for Egypt. Many Egyptian workers in Libya have been expelled and the companies refuse to get them back in Libya because our government didn't recognize the NTC early on.
    However, I have to admit that the revolution in Libya turned it to chaos. Every person is armed now. I wouldn't say that such revolutions were started by the west, but I'd say that the west exploited it for his own interest as I don't think Gaddafi was much of a threat to the west. The west wanted to damage Libya as much as possible, then offer to rebuild Libya in exchange for oil.
    I deleted some posts in this thread - let me know if there is any more posts to clean up
    I don't know too much about the H-6K bomber, sorry can't help.

    Meanwhile our citizens should have respected the law of the foreign nations.
    i wanted sabahi but what is done is done i think i will choose shafik becouse i dont trust the muslim brotherhood and if morsi win they will control the parlamint and the army and the presdient
    my dear friend dont worry i dont care about arabs and i dont support arab nationalism for me egyptian nationalism is the right path
    as for the elections i am so glad about it it is so great to choose your leader and to hear all the people talk about is poltices
    but i dont like the results the final 2are shafik (mobark regime) and morsi (muslim brotherhood)
    Will the Entire Houthi war was just a test run for our military to see what is missing and what needs fixing.

    I would appreciate if we take this debate to PMs instead of here. Send me a PM with your questions and I will answer them all.
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