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    Pak teetering on the brink of complete economic breakdown: Finance Minister

    i also did'nt said its the only cause ..its the commutative effect of many factors and this is one major factor Why Kashmir is linked? There was a recommendation by your some newspaper to your government...that to increase Pak defense budget(~4 billion $) to match the Indian defense...
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    The Future of Kashmir? "Seven" Possible Solutions!

    Yes true....but there is no relation between Great Nation and Pakistan!! Till now(Keep that in mind that just saying that we are great nation doesn't makes you one) And about Us and Russia You are only nation on whole earth which is being slapped and Kissed by the Us at same time...
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    The Future of Kashmir? "Seven" Possible Solutions!

    Are bhai Gappae marni hai to khul maro.. ISS trah AMRICA BANEY GA PAKISTAN MOON BANEY GA PAKISTAN JUPITAR BANEY GA PAKISTAN Sharmaya mat karo But instead of wasting time in these dreams you may also consider these...below War on terror :usflag: Getting Economy back on...
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    Pakistan has more Nukes than India.

    Pakistanis are frustrated to loosing to INDIA in each and every major field since Independence now after 60+ Shameful years. They are starting to find Happiness in little things like this Assumed Nuke data. What Pakis are Celebrating.. Whoa hah...this Assumed Nuke data states that we have...
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    Who wants peace, India or Pakistan?

    Amazing! Thats what i wanted to prove (Checked each keyword myself and found India tops all keywords searches) and to Pakistan Don't you have any other work other then Kashmir and Bollywood Songs
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    Will Europe Drag Down China, And Why We Like India

    Ohh Then please check this too... SUZLON(Indian MNC): Suzlon’s wholly-owned subsidiary company, Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Limited demonstrates Suzlon’s commitment to China. The only international player in the Chinese market till as recently as 2007, Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Limited...
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    World will end in 2012

    Does any one sees the relation between Large Hadron Collider and 2012 They Say that Micro-Balckholes Thus created after the experiment would eventually evaporate ...but this has been never practically Observed before...That all in calculation....and calculation does gets wrong ?
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    When Beijing and New Delhi pull together

    :hitwall::hitwall: :rofl: Then who will afford?... you or your regional super dooper power china Is that necessory......or it is something that every kid learns during schooling in Pakistan!!
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    hey dude ,...i am in karnal now!

    hey dude ,...i am in karnal now!
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    India launches biometric census

    Ms. Pratibha Patil, the President of India, will fill out the first census form today. A census which is being pegged as the world's biggest. And this will kick-off census 2010-11, which is being conducted this time around with the ambitious goal of building a ‘National Population Register'...
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    so where do live.....back in 2002 i used to live in sector 13

    so where do live.....back in 2002 i used to live in sector 13
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    After Google, Dell and GoDaddy mull pulling out

    Every one here is discussing the Economical Impact...and giving arguments like: ...we don't need Google ......what is Go daddy ..dell is cheap company But not a single chinease dare to discuss the core reason:devil: behind thease announcements:devil:
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    After Google, Dell and GoDaddy mull pulling out

    Just a day after Google, the world’s largest search engine company, closed down its Chinese search engine, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, Dell, has hinted towards moving its manufacturing base away from China, possibly to India. Dell buys equipment and parts worth $25 billion...
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    India will be a dominant player in South Asia, Middle East

    BURNING NEWS The Chinese government provides full political and financial backing to Chinese companies. They spent around US$ 32 bn last year acquiring foreign mineral/energy he Indian government does not assist its companies to that degree. But that seems to be changing. As per recent...
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    Will India join USA to strike China?

    This thread is referring to an economic fight.......and the reason is news and data released during past month ...some of which i posted below ---Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is one furious economist. He doesn't seem to stand the sight of China continuing to keep its currency undervalued...

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