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  • Sorry but your video is nothing but disrespectful to Quid e azam and Muhammad ali jinnah, how can you compare them with Osama, who blow up buildings and is respnsible for Pakistan's current state.
    Dear nescafe!
    Thanks for your message.
    I would like to mention that Hindus do NOT have many Gods. Just one - Brahman. There are many deities but they are generally all considered forms of the one god (Brahman). These deities and their Puja provide one of the ways to communicate with this one divinity.

    So in other words, even Hindus believe in just one God - Brahman. All the others are deities or messiahs of that ONE God!

    Have a nice day!

    The reason the chinese are not taking the JF 17 is-----there are two planes being developed at this time--the jf 17---by pakistan---the J10 a-b by china-----. So what is happening is that the jf 17 is being produced for pak and by pak and being integrated by pak as well----there is no issue with the engine on this aircraft---so as this aircraft matures into what it needs to be---then china will come into picture.

    OTOH china is developing the J 10B-----that aircraft is going through integration with the chinese air force for the moment----so the two allies have split the labour of development and integration amongst the two friends----so each one of them can focus on completing the job as soon as possible on their individual projects and get the best out of both the aircraft----can you imagine the healthy competition being taking place at this time between these two aircraft.

    Igf china starts taking thr jf 17 it woud be from paks quota and neither wants that to happen.
    JF-17 Thunder is a light-weight, single engine, multi-role combat aircraft.

    JF-17 was primarily developed to meet the requirements of the Pakistan Air Force for a cost-effective, modern, multi-role combat aircraft as an inexpensive replacement for its large fleet of aging Nanchang A-5 bombers, Chengdu F-7 interceptors and Dassault Mirage III/5 fighters.
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