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    China, India and Pakistan dissing -- Canadian style

    Translation - Join US/Canada or DIE~~!!! Ridiculous article.
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    MNS threat to have Shakil Siddiqui removed from TV Show

    That's because the MNS has been in existence for only a few years. Give them enough time and they'll become butchers. Also don't forget, the MNS consists of basically Shiv Sena lunatics who killed god-knows-how-many during the Bombay riots.
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    After 26 years, India to seek Warren Anderson's extradition

    Not 26 years, India had asked for his extradition previously as well. It was declined by the US. If it was 20,000 Americans killed by a company owned by an Indian, the US would have gone to war probably, goddamn American hypocrisy.
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    India's global power aspirations a far fetched idea

    Really? A history lesson is in order. England became a global power after the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 under the reign of Queen Anne. The French became a global power after Bonaparte took control, that was 1789. By the end of the 18th century both were world powers. So yes, they did peak at...
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    India Innovates, China Makes, America Buys

    If we are to become a developed nation, we need to start making, instead of just innovating like the article suggests.
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    India - National Integration: The Way Forward

    So? I fail to see what the problem is? All they are doing is exchanging one fictional god for another for material benefit. As long as its not economic exploitation, it really isnt any problem. I don't think there is such a thing as spiritual exploitation.
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    Dear Drunks,,,,you won't have to lie anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can have fun without alcohol, but the point is, you can have even more fun with alcohol. All of my best nights have involved a lot of booze or a lot of err...... rolling up "herbs".
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    India needs a relationship of equals; the US will not offer that

    Sorry, we're not interested in being your lackey, you already have Britain for that i believe.
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    Your top 10 Forum Members

    I would prefer not to be on anyone's list thanks.....someone needs to be the guy that everyone hates!!:tongue:
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    Cow executed for seducing man for sex

    Freaking hilarious!!!
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    1 hurts as BDR, BSF exchanged 2000 rounds of gunfire.

    Even if you have some kick a$$ equipment you won't be able to answer India, i know it sucks, but you're completely helpless.
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    Why it rains in Europe but not in Gulf

    Should be the last words on this thread.
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    1 hurts as BDR, BSF exchanged 2000 rounds of gunfire.

    Abu Zolfiqar for a "think tank", you sure suggest a lack of ability to think. The Canadian- India visa has being discussed to death on the forum, kindly refrain from boring us with your (lack of) logic and see the thread in question to seek answers to queries. A bigot too huh? Nice. You...

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