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  • Thanx man....actually i also dont know the reason!.....the given reason was 'continuous accusation'!......i have no idea what was that for!
    Jeez Thanks, Yes I am a student as one is expected to be throughout our lives, but not in conventional terms . I am through with formal studies, working now - into brand management (yeah corporate mumbo jumbo).
    Thank you buddy

    EDIT: Btw, i loved your take on Arian Migration Theory. I am glad that we are on the same page on that issue. Your avatar should have been a clue for me. ; )
    you said "Not interested in reading Mao. He was a moron", then you'd better replace your image because you are not a real Communist!!!!!!!!
    I don't belong to any socialist party. There is no socialist party. I thought about joining A.I.S.A, which is the student union of the CPI (M.L) thought against it.

    Yes i have read Marx, read a few essays by Lenin including his forward on 10 days that shook the world. Not interested in reading Mao. He was a moron.
    Which socialist party member are you in India? Have you read Lenin? Have you read Marx? Have you read Mao? Is there any ideological difference between Lenin and Mao?
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