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    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    Lol Turkey and Russia call the shots nobody cares stupid egyptian idiot. You stopped nothing.
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    French Rafale Aircraft Spotted Over Cypriot Skies Amidst Turkish-Greek Dispute

    Lmaoo still fuming how the Turks humiliated you frenchies so bad that you guys cried to nato. What happened to french superoirity.
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    Outrage as Somali parliament drafts law permitting child, forced marriages

    @Hassan Al-Somal You could clear this up
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    Joe Biden’s foreign policy and Turkey

    Joe Biden is a neo cunt/ neo liberal piece of shit. Also fck the democrats and republicans. To be honest the democrats are going to be much worse for Turkey. So MAGA 2020 all the way.
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    Pakistan must engage with Israel to save Pakistani lives

    People believe in this ummah nonsense too much. Spiritually we are all brothers and sisters in Islam but when it comes to politics we all eat each other up. Pakistanis should focus on Pakistan and its interests. Ummah thing leads to heartbreak.
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    Russia deploys MiG-29SMT combat jets and S-400 long range SAM in Libya to secure the oil

    Austin powers does not know what he talks about to be honest. Japanese only took 1/3 of China but this not lead to China surrendering or signing some treaty with Japan the war continued well into ww2. Mostly been a stalemate. Chinese failed to kick Japan out while Japan failed to make China...
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    Turkish Peace Operations in Syria (Operation Olive Branch) Updates & Discussions

    The Turks have jammers too. We all know its a proxy war between Turkey and Russia.
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    Turkish Peace Operations in Syria (Operation Olive Branch) Updates & Discussions

    Wasnt it in July LOL I cant wait for the Drone Festival :)
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    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Bro those youtube videos are all clickbait.
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    44,000 sign petition for France to take control of Lebanon

    Lebanese people want it. They should be careful for what they wish for.
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    Turkey and China go head to head and fight it out for dominance of Central Asia

    Interesting how Central Asia was the backyard of Russia. Now you have two players joining both China and Turkey. Chinese will be going we havent seen you guys for like thousand years to the Turks of Turkey. Turks will be like well its been long good to be back home.
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    Turkish Peace Operations in Syria (Operation Olive Branch) Updates & Discussions

    Due to turkish artillery support that the rebels thwarted assads attacks.
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    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    Koreans cant get the transmission to work properly.
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    Turkic World Photos/News/Discussions.

    3 of them are Underrated to be honest. Mehmed IV led lots of conquest and revived the Ottomans back to business but he is remembered for his defeat in Vienna. Yildirim Bayezid was Alpha as fck he humiliated the crusaders and kicked anatolian beyliks butts but he lost to Timur in a humiliating...

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