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  • nawaz ,
    it seems ur old person(as u said in one thread)........may be we can talk some time,,,,,,,i have few things to tell u,regarding the thread about embracing india as big brother....pm me if u r interested.
    There was nothing 'important' about your thread 'India's dirty secret'. The thread would have degenerated into a flame.

    The argument is pointless since Pakistan too faces many social and economic issues, yet has contributed $500 million plus to reconstruction in Afghanistan along with donating relief supplies to nations affected by natural disasters such as Haiti and Iran (earthquakes) and Indonesia (tsunami).

    he entire premise behind the argument made in that thread was flawed. If on the other hand there is a need to discuss poverty and social/caste issues, it needs to be done in a non-political manner, with a focus on understanding the issues and what is wrong and what can be done and is being done to fix the issues.

    Constructive discourse is what we prefer. And there is no need to start questioning moderator's intentions or loyalties to Pakistan just because we disagree with your opinions.

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