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    China Orders Government, State Firms to Dump Foreign PCs

    Great days ahead for Linux that means!
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    Fifth of world population may plunge into starvation caused by Ukrainian crisis – UN

    The Hadith is about absolute food exhaustion/ unavailability (not shortage) that I know of.. That would be because of absolute nuclear radiation surrounding the globe..
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    If Imran Khan is Killed...

    I have a strange logic about it, l think Bajwa's not a traitor or anything, he chose what was best under the given circumstances... I think through some active or passive intelligence, the agencies had come to the conclusion that there was a definite resolve, a firm plan to get IK killed. Army...
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    If Imran Khan is Killed...

    It won't be TLP, it would be TTP/Daish; it would be a professionally executed job, with no loose ends and all.
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    Pakistan security agencies intercepted a plan to assassinate PM Imran Khan - April 2022 .

    Daish or TTP they are all the same lot, both destined for the deepest chasms of hellfire. But in Allah's plans, even these hell hounds have a role to play; I mean somebody has to play the role of the agents of Iblees eventually. While these little worms think that they can probably alter the...
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    Islami Sadarti Nizaam

    It won't happen by IK's hands. Hameed Gul sb knew what was to come though, that's why he said people would be disappointed by IK's rule etc. Don't worry it would all play out well eventually for Pakistan. The political elite are just busy, happily digging their own graves, what would these low...
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    In The Highest of Tradition

    Yes, he's a Kohatian, Munawwar House (proudly my alma-mater also). His story was probably narrated by Gen Amjad Shoaib too, in a YouTube video..
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    Dear Pakistan, are you ready for biggest action of your history?

    Bro, not my visions, am not capable of that.. These are the words of my spiritual master, whom I have been following since 11 years. Very well known in Pakistan I guess. The last 3 paragraphs are my own input, I have been following this topic for sometime now.. In the next government...
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    Dear Pakistan, are you ready for biggest action of your history?

    Let me list out some sequence of events, which might give us an insight into how things are going to play out.. I'm going to mention two streams of events, I don't know where these two would concur: These are to happen after 2023 (may be they would initiate a little earlier). War between...
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    UNVERIFIED:Indian military personnel arrested for unauthorized launch of missile| Source: PDF Member Rafi

    This launch was just for setting a pretext and a precident, so that in future if an Indian leader doesn't tow the line and wage a war on the demands of the hardliners, those hardliners would threaten that civilian leader with a similar accidental launch, to help initiate a war..
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    Can India do what Russia did in Ukraine? -Gen. Tariq

    Hahaha, no we would cut through your ranks like spears, on the contrary!
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    Can India do what Russia did in Ukraine? -Gen. Tariq

    I was talking from another perspective, and you would need the people of KP (and Afghanistan) in the final push against Indian onslaught when the time comes. You obviously cannot think or imagine from the perspective I am talking about! As for the cowardice, I am from KP (Bannu to be...
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    Can India do what Russia did in Ukraine? -Gen. Tariq

    12-48 months or hours? It would be 48 hours once it's a joint attack by Pak army and volunteers from Afghanistan. You also won't need all that gear that you have shown in those photos , just the will to fight for Islam would be enough. Time is very close.
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    Unconfirmed 9 Afghan Casualties at CHAMAN

    Only you seem to know the reality of the situation, others are just blabbering..

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