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    No sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR, says Supreme Court

    Please Ban Diwali in Delhi and if possible in rest of India ... A community which could not provide justice to Lord Ram in Ram Janmabhoomi even after having a Hindu Nationalist government in UP & Centre , dont deserve to celebrate Diwali in Rams name... Lord Ram who traveled thousands of...
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    India Set To Grant Citizenship To Chakma Refugees

    Its sad that these Refugees took so long find a Homeland in India ... Citizenship should also be granted to Srilankan Tamils refugees and Tibeatian refugees in India...
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    China losing patience with India, diplomats in Beijing told

    India wont back down and let the Chinese bully with a tiny Bhutan ... Security of Bhutan is responsibility of India which we have described in past as Any Invasion of Bhutan will be treated as a Invasion on India... Chinese actions are pushing India reluctantly into a military alliance with...
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    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    Hindus are not Coward ... They try to be Moral and get drowned in Emotions... We must play ruthless ... RSS must first Target the Christian Youth who Slaughtered the cow on Street... Set an Example which will make them shiver even as when they think of Hurting Hindus ... These Christian Holes...
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    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    I second that ... They are neither Communist nor Secular or Nationalist ... They are like Parasites who infest the body diseased by Secularism and Communism ... These worms just wants to change the ecology of the country to which it suits them... Hindus should leave morality and show no Mercy...
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    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    Their ancestors sold their soul for 10 rs and accepted the white mans religion ... Their color is Black and brown like us But they are Bitches of White men... I have seen their women who go work in Europe elope with White men and return with them and exhibit the White Man in church and Church...
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    Independent #dravidanadu top twitter trend in India

    Hahaha... Idiots communists ... Kerala, Karnataka, Andra and Telanagana has nothing to do with Dravidians... Besides Andra Pradesh is Ruled by NDA and Karanataka will also elect BJP in this election Like the past... TN has elected Jayalalitha who is Proud Hindu Brahmin her party which rules TN...
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    Hindu Soldier Sacrificed His Life in Defence of Pakistan

    Om Shanti!!! Let U be reborn for the defense of our Holy Land ...
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    Erdogan must mind his business on matters relating to India and Pakistan

    I dont know why we invited a person with such low credibility in world politics ... No offense to Turkish people ... BTW did Sultan arrive on a flying carpet ... :omghaha:
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    Baahubali 2 shatters records at the Indian box office Rakes in Rs 125 cr net of tax on opening day,

    The fight sequel at the end was a huge let down ... Story is quite good as well as the Graphics but I would say Part 1 was a slightly better ...
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    RSS to eulogise Bangladesh’s national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam as ‘good Hindu’

    Nazrul Islam was a Patriot... He united Hindus and Muslims irrespective of religion on Nationalism... Sangh and Hindu Nationalist have always admired great people like him...
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    Shahid Afridi receives heartwarming retirement gift from Virat Kohli and Co

    Afridi would be a rich man if he auctioned that Tshirt in India...
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    Kerala Corner

    Njan evede vannal pinne elle malayaleee galem koota peduthuva ennu ellarum parayum... Better I stay away... I dont get well along with malayalees any where and every where not even the Hindu Nationalists one's ...
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    Snapchat's App Rating Takes A Massive Hit On Play Store Thanks To 'Poor Indians'

    Miffed with Snapchat CEO Spiegel, Indian hackers leak data of 1.7 million app users http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/boycott-snapchat-ceo-evan-spiegel-india-poor-for-snapchat-hackers-leak-data/1/930690.html How about this then...

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