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    Do U still Remmber Us !

    well in world you have to respect the other also so you really think only muslim suffer from pain
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    Do U still Remmber Us !

    one side of coin why dont you show the other side also
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    MRCA ::: India May Cancel Fighter Competition

    well deal is not going to cancel but yes we can also go for either f35 ,su35 as per my source deal is on
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    China's faster-than-expected military buildup

    what is purpose of opening new thread while old thread there
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    China tells navy to prepare for combat

    that world know usa, india uk are also taking measure india should now take some real and bog steps
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    Killing Pakistani Soldiers

    is it an incident or pr planned usa policy dont you guys think usa do some action before leaving afganistan . pakistan is on now usa list
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    Pakistan to install air defence system at Pak-Afghan border

    pakistan should avoid any conflict , is it an incident or usa pr-planed policy , after afagnistan , pakistan will be the next dont you guys think usa is just going to start its pakistan center policy
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    Indian Navy will be deployed in South china sea to protect ONGC Assets

    i have doubt on the source , not possible soon may be after sometime
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    (Indian) Navy gets ready to add more muscle...Naval Multi-Role Helis (NMRH)

    it will be much better if we develope advance stealth hele
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    Indian Navy pilots to go to Russia for carrier-based training

    how many mig29 will be on the ac ,
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    India purchased $30 billion worth defence equipment in last four years

    what you will do with that against china , thats very small , i mean very small
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    Pak Suzuki posts 73% growth, sales up by 17% in 9MCY11

    pakistani ca mafia, pakistani force, pakistani leaders, every one is looting the common pepoples
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    Pakistan – China Joint Military Exercise YOUYI-IV

    good pics , pa can gain lots of things
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    Indian UAVs deployed on Sir Creek border with Pakistan

    what so special in the news ,which type of uav ..
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    Conspiracy to derail the deal of 197 military helicopters

    well thats grea delay as much we can to make easy thing for china

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