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    Afghani Taliban and Pakistani Taliban are one and the same

    No they are not one not at all this is the worst piece of bs I have ever read bogus article the please check facts before writing things up Biggest lie of this century
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    Army swoops on ‘CIA agents’

    I find it amusing as well they arrested the informAnts but couldn't find obl ?
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    A mother’s quest for son lost to extremism

    Very sad news feel sorry for the Effected mother
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    Pakistani Army asks for Respect.

    Haha so typical of this unprofessional army asking for respect instead if earning it go on now build more Dha,s and banks let's someone else do the fighting
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    TTP 'commander' arrested in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Great progress i hope they can extract maximum info out of him this would help our cause in future
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    Rangers murder young boy in Karachi

    Very sad incident all the ppl who are trying to justify this brutal act should be ashamed of themselves nothing can justify a murder
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    Why Americans Hate Muslims

    Stop stop generalizing everyone the subject of this thread is wrong and racist
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    Turi tribe of Parachinar, very unfortunate of Pakistan

    Unfortunate situation for our country GOP should resolve this problem asap
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    Yamaha Japan may scrap plans for plant in Karachi

    Sad news for pakistans economy we need forgien investments more than ever I can just pray
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    if you like speed updated

    Sir I regularly touch 250km/h but at that time I can't record hope you can understand why because a small mistake can kill you plus one has to break often ppl here don't mind crossing the lanes u know what I'm saying plus Merc and Beemur are electronically limited to 250km ysince you are a...
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    Why Americans Hate Muslims

    Sir kindly stop stereotyping
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    if you like speed updated

    Thanks Glorious resolve !!!!
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    Indian think tank: Headley CIA/FBI agent

    Because he changed his statement on ISI ohhhh and now they call him CIA agent that's just pathetic
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    Call to Ban Bible Under Pakistan’s Elastic Blasphemy Laws

    Muslims can not ban the word of god and according to Quran bible is the world of GOD so very unislamic idea As a Muslim we must oppose this
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    Fake DG ISI on twitter.

    Let's not take it very seriously maybe he is a kid that's all

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