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    Guess what popped up on my YouTube feed

    Bro You are fuelling his fire and objectives - you need to ignore and not spread his crap. This is exactly what this cockroach wants - Ignore and move on.
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    General Cricket thread

    Wouldn’t have got away with it with today’s technology
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    Dar the Dracula Returns to Pakistan

    Dangerous times ahead for Pakistan souls of the sand. A Man hiding in the UK under false narrative “too sick” to travel to face charges of Misconduct theft of national coffers and unable to tell us where he has got his wealth is now in charge of Pakistan finances? Flown in by the Pak army? Can...
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    Bilawal on Fire!

    Now I realise why same sex marriage is been pushed quickly through the constitution - billu has found a man to marry. Him speaking in public representative figure of Pakistan is quite embarrassing - the quicker we can have an election in Pakistan the better for all Pakistan patriots.
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    King Charles personal bodyguard is a British Pakistani

    Accept criticism - thats sign of a quality forum - but not from a multi ID turd that gets banned on a regular basis yet still feels the urge to come onto a Pakistan forum and spurt out bile. You are indeed a retard that we Pakistanis are glad that our forefathers fought hard for us to say we...
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    pakdef and pakistanidefence A salute to warriors past and lost

    Munir - we will always have you in our fond memories. @Rafi cant really reveal my name - but i was on their too - I remember an Indian asking you what have Pakistanis got to be proud of? Quick as a flash i replied on your behalf - Proud that we are not Indian. You laughed so much bro you said...
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    Muslims(Pakistanis) and RSS Hindus(Indians) Non-Stop Clashes In Leicester(UK)

    Attempting to debate with a multi ID rat that has several IDs. He has a huge amount of negative ratings. Why waste your breath? Lets just stick to the topic - Hindus getting excited after having a few vegan burgers and attacking women and kids in the UK - forgetting they will have their...
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    Muslims(Pakistanis) and RSS Hindus(Indians) Non-Stop Clashes In Leicester(UK)

    Greetings my little Indian friend. Lets stick to the topic which is the BJP tribe thinking they are in India and trying to create havoc in the UK. Look at the title and look at the crap you are spouting. Hindus have targeted the one place in the UK where Indian Muslims have congregated and made...
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    150 Afghans deported after cricket riots.

    So they got deported. Over a game of cricket - these retards have lost perhaps their families only method of income? Mind blowing. The aggression and anger is next level towards Pakistani. Vegitated by some of their players. They seem to be full on stupid - forgetting who has a huge border -...
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    Asia Cup 2022 thread

    Fakhar Zaman playing like a 1 legged donkey. He should be dropped for the final on Sunday
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    Asia Cup 2022 thread

    I just heard some news on Twitter that 34 afghani were deported for breaking up chairs at the stadium. Back to Afghanistan to eat rocks. Was it really worth it?
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    Asia Cup 2022 thread

    He’s had a bad patch - I still think he is a class act and deserves his place in the team - this innings shows he still got it
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    Queen Elizabeth the second has passed rest in peace.

    Sad to here that she’s died. End of an era. She kept her family together - could be the start of the end of the monarchy.
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    Namak Haram Vent their Frustration on Pakistani Fans in Sharjah

    A few years ago Pakistan played Afghanistan at headingley in the WC - was the same. A few boisterous Afghanis all of a sudden wanted to become superheroes and started behaving like matcho men - showing off and acting tough. Most of them have little family and kids - hence don’t know how to...
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    Asia Cup 2022 thread

    I agree they were close. There is a distinct difference. India v Pakistan is real passion - real competition and a serious match. Mutual respect and players always hospitable to each other. The Afghani players are mostly sub standard and have educated themselves on Pakistan soil and...

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