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  • AOA sir, i know we haven't met before, but i would like to say thank you for serving Pakistan. I hope you health is fine and may ALLAH(SWT) always look for a ghazi.
    Salam :) hope you're well & good! its been years since i last talked to u :)
    back then i was in o levels, now im in university :D
    Which wars did you participate in? How many indians did you shoot down? What was it like to be in the action? Did you get chased by IAF jets?

    I know, i'm asking too many questions at once, but take your time in answering, i'll wait patiently. ^_^

    Good to see you back Sir, i have loads of questions for you regarding PAF, its role is previous wars, etc.

    If you don't mind me asking.
    Sir, having read almost all of your posts on this forum, it would be an honor to become friends with you.

    My father was also in the air-force. I hope you can start posting on the forum again, to separate fact from fiction for most of the ignorants here. Thank you.
    Salaam Walkum sir,

    My pleasure no need to thankyou i just hope you ,aunty and the family are well please do keep in touch if you like hope to hear from you and may GOD bless you AH.

    Kind Regards,
    Salaam Walkum sir,

    Hi how are you ? how is aunty jee? and family i hope well... i worried about you since i hadn't seen or talked to you in a while please know that you have my best wishes and prayers always please do keep in touch sir have a wonderful day and may GOD bless you and your family.

    Kind Regerds,
    AOA sir I'll be going for ISSB in a few days, remember me in your prayers and thanks for you guidance! May Allah bless you ;)
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