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  • i ''inherited'' it from a relative....hardly used. There's somebody in Nowshera, but as i said i'm not in Pakistan so difficult to handle these things.
    I had a HK PSG1 been trying to sell it for ages unfortunately no paper documents along with the system and little follow-up

    but it's moot point now as I am not currently in Pakistan
    Sorry, video of such nature is not allowed on the forum, yours was the 5th thread which has been deleted.
    Without any proof, plz do not label who these people in that video are. They may be young guys of 17-18 year old, who were captured while fighting the army, or something glese. So without proof, don't put blame on anyone, you bring bad name to PA, as these are not revenge executions, most probably they are combatants captured during operations and not children of taliban who are being executed as revenge.
    :) and you want them to be excited ? lolzz the reality is that mullas were the one who ran away and there is no one by the name of ammar. this mulla eveninger needs to correct its facts
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