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    Pakistan is interested in turkish MILDEN submarine project.

    When you are hungry reality hits home and then you are more wiser and more determined and strive more at the things which you missed out on. Now we are aiming at better and sophisticated things instead of number game. So enjoy your dreams and پن ڈبکیاں.
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    Nawaz Sharif ready to leave for Saudi Arabia after Saudi govt invites him

    Do what Israeli's used to do in the past force land the aircraft in Pakistan and prepare the welcoming party at the airport with the 17 guns salute. 😁
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    'Don't Make Mistake Of Testing Patience': Indian Army Chief's Message To China

    Muppet is running on the batteries. Wait till his batteries are going to loose charge and he is going to fall flat on his face in the cow dung. These days even muppets have got freedom of expression, what's world is coming to.
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    Afghan VP Amrullah Saleh: Pleasant meeting with NSA Ajit Doval. We discussed the enemy

    Pakistan is no snake we defend our territory like mongoose does and size and venom of snake doesn't matter.
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    R&AW Trained Terrorist Arrested in Karachi

    Why sky is blue? Why sun shines ? Why we have got pair of eyes? Are you that silly billy typical Indian ask your child how terrorists are arrested and interrogated and if your child is like you too then google and YouTube the item. If i was you check your date of birth and have an IQ test if...
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    Afghan VP Amrullah Saleh: Pleasant meeting with NSA Ajit Doval. We discussed the enemy

    Snakes always hibernate in the winter together. All lovey dovey in the winter and when summer comes they meet there end.
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    R&AW Trained Terrorist Arrested in Karachi

    We reserve the right to respond in time and place of our own choosing and it will come when the time is right for us while you keep on waiting and harping.
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    Army's Combat Swarm Drones Fly In Public For First Time

    We have known all along what India possesses and its not a news just display of it gives us a wake up call. We do have ordered few anti drones units from Turkey after the Azerbaijan war how ever we need to develop and deploy anti drone technology extensively as these silly little things are a...
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    Turkey concerned about sending Saudi F-15s to Greek island of Crete

    Very sad is there is any need for all this games? Why nation of Islam is happy to tear them selves apart and even so happy to go to so obvious unfriendly nations to prove something. Very sad and extremely silly boys.
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    57 killed in deadliest Israeli strikes on Syria in years: monitor

    Are you sure and how did you came to this grand scheme of conclusions?? You are a joke.
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    Cyprus, UAE sign first military cooperation agreement

    When one can sell their mother, selling mother in law is not a big deal.
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    People's Party will eradicate corruption from Pakistan: Bilawal Zardari

    He means corruption name will be change to Bhutto's bin Zardari value added gift set at 25%. Hence no corruption word used only legalised loot how thoughtless IK been. 😁
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    Gravitas: Indian Army Chief's message to Pakistan & China

    Old man zero tolerance applies to Fascists too as so India is no exception. As far as time and place is concerned Shastri used the same words and ended up meeting us in Tashkent bit cold for this time of the year i thought. India thinks they are special case and they can circumvent the rules and...
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    Fazlur Rehman dares NAB to send questionnaire to him

    He thinks too big for himself, law of the land must be followed and enforced at all cost. No one should be allowed to say things like that and no one is above the law. Government must enforce it laws otherwise we are no better then the banana republic.
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    Pompeo says Al Qaeda has new home base in Iran

    Have some respect for classless man, the group of thugs who even try to hijack their own parliament are the last people whose advise is listen to.

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