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  • w.salam

    im so so so so so so very much sorry zaf..im really busy like hell these days :(
    unable to find a minute to reply you..yeah i got your email, i hope il reply to you by tomorow insha Allah...naraz nahi hun just busy in studies...studies going fine but tiring :(
    how are you? whats up?? and what happened to your trips by the way? no news??

    yes i know that. i have received an email from the moderator. i asked him to resolve the problem.
    Congrats :)
    wow...thats very good indeed..a road trip...exciting han. and you didn't tell me this before :P
    good luck :)
    i also have a large circle of friends and i know it always makes you busy.
    thanks for asking. il for sure ask your help when needed :)

    take care
    ahan..enjoyed there han? good :)
    studies are going slow and frightening :( i hope il cover soon..lets see.
    yeah will try to send you an email. you always come online when im gone lol

    take care
    Salaam Mr cool brother - fine Alhamdulillah - had stopped opening this forum but will inshallah do so - well whats new!

    im fine. how are you doing?? why aren't you home by the way??
    is everything ok??
    im just fine and busy with studies :(
    take cares
    im good. how are you?? just sent you an email and just remembered you've asked my to reply here as well...so i'm here :)
    whats up??
    yes yes majority is muslim and no doubt you are comparatively in peace in a muslim country but i just wanted to say the world is changing now and unfortunately we haven't get rid of our slavery since ever. we still get attracted towards false impression of so called civilized nations and until the time when we discover it was just to spoil our own identity, its been too late. But im an optimist and im hopeful future holds the best for us :)
    il add you up on hotmail insha Allah. its no problem :)
    Nice to know about your job. As far as you're being the only muslim is concerned, it doesn't matter any more whether you are in a muslim country or else where. its all the same, believe me. I wish you good luck :)
    and yes you are right about the real name thing but i always prefer the truth :)
    Yes, my role exactly is what you said. I've to monitor the quality control procedures for food but il switch over to pharmaceutical very soon if i find a nice job there. I really enjoy my job. Its interesting but still i prefer pharmaceuticals. I dont like food industries :P
    I belong to Karachi and live here.
    Nice to know your feelings for our beloved country :)
    hahaha...no i won't ask the link. I know its not necessary to join a job exactly according to your studies in this modern era.
    well, i dont understand why have you asked about my "real name". Its same as it is shown in my profile. Saima Rajput
    yes im of 1982 like you :)
    W.salam. Thanks for the welcome !
    I,m M.Sc. in Microbiology from University of Karachi (2008)and currently working for United Nations-WFP as a Microbiologist.
    what do you do?
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