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  • W.salam

    Oh gosh I'm too late to reply you :(
    Sorry Zaf, was really busy in ramadan arrangements you know cooking, house hold etc. How are you doing? So, Ramadan started on 12th here and went very fine. How's it going up there with you? Yeah I am praying for you. Tell me if you have anything especial to ask :)
    Thanks for your wishes.
    keep me in your prayers as well

    Take care
    my real name is attia abbas i m about to 26 on this september and first of all i want to see yur pic
    m fine
    h r u??its ok
    no problem
    thngs r gud
    roze tough days for ramzan but still going gud
    Ramadan Mubarak everyone!! May Allah (swt) bless you and your families. And may all your prayers come true!! :) Please remember this very sinful person in your duas Insha Allah:)
    I'm Good. How are you? What's new with you? Yeah, I hope I did well :)
    I'm expecting result within 3 to 4 months. Do pray it would be excellent :)
    When you attack black people, they call it Racism.
    When you attack Jewish people, they call it Anti-semetism.
    When you attack women, they call it Sexism.
    When you attack homosexuality, they call it Intolerance.
    When you attack your country, they call it Treason.
    When you attack a religious sect, they call it Hate Speech.
    But when you attack Prophet Mohammad, they want to call it "Freedom of Speech"!!
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