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  • You are welcome. (insert waving smiley here)

    I never knew being part of this forum entails answering multiple questions. Not that I mind, as in this sea of mediocrity I can be anyone I wish to please. Will an astronaut do? (insert another waving smiley here)

    Nah actually I am a jewellery designing student during the day and couch potato at night. Forumming takes what left of my 24hrs.
    Well it goes without saying doesnt it? Or do you consider Pakistan not good enough?

    Oh gosh where are my manners. Thanks for the welcome.
    i live in lhr,pak n am doin MA eng (linguistics)
    so how do u do n wuz goin on nowa daz
    well m sorry that's not possible for me i can rply on ur profile that's the most i can do hope u understand..........:)
    thank but u cant help me anyway iam from sindh(umerkot) and iam studing in NED university karachi and u r from can u tell me about muslim girls hostel in London ?
    Hey! Thanks for the best wishes.
    Thanks again for the help. I made my C.V. when I was in final and I continually do update it. Just pray :)
    How's your job going? What are your next plans for the trips? :)
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