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  • Hi, a quick message to let you know there is a China defence forum up and running. I invite you to participate. We have a fledgling translator team that will be translating unique Chinese defence content into English as well as a culture section where we will post tid bits offering insight into Chinese language and culture.

    If you are interested, check us out.

    thing is even I dont know Tamil much.
    Just moved here from Mumbai a month back but I still can understand the common words..
    Jaya a good friend of Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Foreign minister already sent a letter to Jaya, Sri Lanka already had established an unofficial dialogue with her.

    Jaya kept Vaiko and other trouble makers out in the elections…..

    Colombo shares excellent relations with her….
    Yes, studying has no limit. Hence one of the reasons I come to the PDF! But "student" connotes exams and research papers to take and do. Thankfully, I no longer have to be that kind of a student. I do write US patents and do right-to-use and validity searches, as well as serve as a trial expert witness on occasion. So, in that role, I have to both study, write expert reports and be examined on the witness stand. Being a trial expert witness is something like taking an oral exam for a thesis you have written, but with less personal consequences .....
    Pleasure is all mine. Hope to see a positive contribution from your side and keep in touch :)
    Yep bro....Didi's sort of matured now ...I just hope she can strike a balance btween all parties -industry, the common people -- One thing 's fr sure ..she 's gonna be pressurized frm all sides nw - her voters are gonna demand she keep promises while left opposition is going to scrutinize.

    Wats the situation in your state , with Jaya ?
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