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  • Try to broaden your focus in terms of thread selection, you post too many India specific topics.
    how does an indian doctor being suspended for attempting to rape a girl come into world affairs.

    imrpove your quality of posting. consider this a fair warning.
    why are u too much obsessed with Indian issues like poverty and hygiene?/
    Any bad experiences??? or a case of mistaken identity???
    hahaha. actually indians are too much frustrated be present themselves as big nation with big money in hand and with big ROLL in international politics. They forget the fact that to become a big, you need to be big enough at home first. Not big in the sense of that you have 100s of richmen, the big in sense that your nation have unity, enjoying freedom from poverty, state terrorism, freedom from kill and rule policy of murderers and criminals present themselves as politicians etc. The indians not doing anything on it.

    In result, along with the poor indians, we also have to suffer. Because they give nothing to their nation, keep them backward and keep making them fool by declaring all evils in the society because of Pakistan. So they run on us, to make their nation fool and we have to suffer.

    All we saying to the common indians is that you must open your eyes. Get rid of these bloody politicians and also get rid of these so called richmen in your country, as not a penny out of their wealth had ever been used for the welfare of the indians.

    China, USA etc deserve to feel proud on their richmen list. As none of them pay money to public toilet users, none of the citizen out of such countries commit suicide because they can't pay back to hindu lenders. But this is daily routine in india. Sadly

    Anyway, feel free to contact me. If I could be of any use to you.
    Hello bro, hope you fine. don't mind the Indian bashing thing. you noticed they only want to talk about rising india. Do not want to tell others, how actually they are rising.

    The only rising things, I can see in India are poverty, hunger, death and destruction, split of society in castes and religions, half of indian population looking for independence, rest will surely think about it. Still they are rising.

    Let's see how long this rising thing work. hahahaha
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